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Plan A Technologies—The Tech Team You’ve Always Wanted

What Is Plan A Technologies?

Plan A Technologies is a software engineering and digital transformation

company. They can improve/modernize existing software, build new

solutions, or provide engineers on demand. Their team has deep industry

expertise and passion for their work, hundreds of engineers on five

continents, and an outstanding track record of happy clients.

Current Landscape

The demand for software engineers has never been higher. Companies

often struggle to find developers who genuinely know what they’re doing,

are reliable and trustworthy, and don’t cost a ridiculous amount of

money. For Plan A Technologies, the hardest part isn’t finding the work, it’s reassuring potential partners they are different from the many sweatshop-style,

unprofessional firms out there.

The Plan A Story

People live in a digital world. Work, relationships, shopping, healthcare, entertainment, safety, manufacturing, education: for most of them, a

majority of what they do each day happens through computers and mobile

phones. They count on technology and are devastated when it fails them.


That’s where Plan A Technologies come in. At Plan A, they help companies solve their digital problems correctly the first time.


Because their founders had already built, grown, and sold multiple

software companies prior to Plan A, they had a real hands-on

understanding of both the tech side and the business side of making

sure technology rollouts work. They kept getting calls from other

executives asking for technology advice or for help building software

products. Eventually, they decided to charge for that guidance. Plan A

took off from there.

Deeper Dive into Plan A Technologies

There are a lot of reasons why so many companies keep turning to them to

develop or enhance their software. The short explanation is that they

know what they are doing, the team is really nice, and they get the job done

faster and more affordably than just about any other company out there.

One of their biggest differentiators is that they have leading experts across

quite a few industries, so they really know the verticals where they work.

There’s not a huge learning curve when they take on a new client. That

means they can add a lot of value beyond simply delivering a solution. Plan A

knows the regulatory environment, they know the acronyms, they know the

issues. They can help their clients see potential problems before they

happen, and see opportunities that they may have missed. Plus Plan A loves

this stuff, so their enthusiasm for the work really wins over their clients.

The Team Culture

They’re very selective: they hire less than 4% of the applicants who send them

resumes. Plan A looks for technical expertise, very high cognitive ability. and

problem-solving skills, as well as the soft skills necessary to work well

with others.

Having recruited great people, they are eager to keep them, just as they’re

eager to retain their clients. Everyone Plan A deals with, they treat with respect,

whether it’s someone who hired them or someone Plan A hired. They won’t

tolerate people mistreating colleagues—no matter how talented a person

is, if they undermine the team they can go elsewhere.

Plan A is not hierarchical, they don’t micromanage, and they treat everyone

like grown-ups…it makes for a much more pleasant work environment.

Quote From the Founder

“We want to be the software company that our clients always wished for

and dreamed of but never quite found. We are grateful that we get to do

this for a living, and we want to make sure everyone we deal with feels

that same gratitude and excitement about the work!”

-Plan A Technologies co-founder and CEO Slav Kulik

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