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Personalized group travelling with YouTravel.Me

What is YouTravel.Me?

YouTravel.Me is an algorithm-powered online platform for booking small group adventure travel organized by travel experts. YouTravel.Me offers over 15,900 tours in over 130 countries around the world. Match making algorithms connect travelers based on their interests, values, and past experiences.

Current industry landscape

Despite the challenges in the overall travel industry brought by COVID19, adventure travel has been showing signs of faster recovery than other sectors in the industry. In addition to the rise in adventure travel, booking vacations with the help of travel agents, advisors and experts has become a growing trend as travel regulations remain uncertain, making it challenging, confusing and frustrating for travelers.

How YouTravel.Me was started

Olga and Ivan Bortnikov have always been frequent travelers and planned every trip on their own. But one of their vacations in China a few years back proved to be a disappointment: putting their trust in a tour operator, the couple bought a package tour and ran into many problems, from a 5-hour flight delay to the tour guide’s incompetence. After returning home, they decided to find a service with a more personalized approach to tours but discovered that there hasn’t been a good platform on the market.

They felt that there must be a better way to do group travel — trips that are organized by travel experts, professional tour guides who put together small groups for adventure vacations anywhere in the world. And since there was no single aggregator for such trips, the couple decided to create it. They invested about $10,000 of their savings to set up YouTravel.Me, spending it on site development and advertising.

How the company works

Group tours have gone out of style. The phrase “group tour” reminds many of an old lady with an umbrella, 50-seat passenger buses and trips around Europe. But, in truth, group tours may become a truly exciting experience of discovering the world and expanding your own personal boundaries in a friendly and supportive environment. Using the company’s proprietary method, YouTravel.Me enables people to learn about other members of the group they’ll be traveling with. The company offers micro segmentation of users, dividing them into groups based on their values, previous experience and life story, along with their traveling goals. YouTravel.Me connects them with travel experts and groups that match their interests and preferences, so that during a trip they would be surrounded by like-minded people. This all happens within a platform where travelers can buy the tour, pay for it, speak with a travel expert and receive a selection of recommended tours that will be well-suited to their tastes and interests.

People have become tired of simple trips, and this is especially true in the wake of the pandemic. The location itself isn’t as important. People want more than a trip, they want an experience —they want to volunteer, help, study. Different people have goals.

Travel experts who partner with YouTravel.Me live all over the world and create flexible signature tours that offer different types of travel. They enable the travelers to pack up and go wherever their heart desires, to any corner of the world, and be a welcome guest there, without overpaying for the experience.

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