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People search engines made more accurate with PeopleFinderFree

What is PeopleFinderFree?

PeopleFinderFree is a B2B company which is a true people search service that allows users to conduct an online search on any person they wish, giving them the chance to learn more about their mutuals and/or clients.

What is currently going on in the industry?

With the pandemic forcing the need for more remote work than ever, the SaaS industry is thriving as demand for new solutions like AI-based software and cloud-based software is steadily growing to be some of the fastest-growing segments in the tech industry and becoming the go-to for many organizations for various reasons, such as increased flexibility and affordability.

The birth of PeopleFinderFree

Everyone has their own reasons why they would decide to become an entrepreneur, but in the case of Eden Cheng, she can probably say that she got tired of working for others, so made the commitment to launch a software company with her partner. However, while they had the ideas for what they wanted to develop, there was still a clear information gap here. At the time, since they didn't have much experience in the SaaS industry, Eden and her partner opted to bring on board a qualified team of experienced advisers, developers, and investors early on, who helped them fill the knowledge gap required to run, manage and grow a software company.

While the journey so far has not been an easy one, especially when dealing with finances, over the past year, they have managed to find some solid footing in this industry and have already launched their first fully developed platform, PeopleFinderFree, they now continue to steadily build up their user base, as they continue to improve the service and its functionalities.

How PeopleFinderFree works

PeopleFinderFree is effectively an accurate, true people search service that allows users to effectively search for any individual they wish to gather data on, thereby giving our users the opportunity to learn more about those they are curious about or in the case of business, learn more about their customers. In this respect, since they launched the service, PeopleFinderFree has managed to partner with a variety of companies who use their search service to help them gather data on their potential customers and online audiences, and with that information, they use it to create personalized cold outreach campaigns that help them to convert them into buying customers and boost their ROI. And over the long term, Eden and her partner's intention is to continue expanding PeopleFinderFree's search algorithm and database and make it the top people search engine on the internet by giving our users even deeper insights that will ultimately help them make wiser decisions be it for personal or professional reasons.

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Todd Tingley
Todd Tingley
Nov 29, 2021

The customer service email they provide to opt out doesn’t exist anymore. No way to contact them to opt out.


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