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Papertrail, moving your business forward through Digital Innovation

What Papertrail does

Standing at the forefront of the digitization revolution in the Enterprise content management (ECM) sector, Papertrail provides the ideal solutions for any business looking to leapfrog their competitors and establish their business as an innovative leader in the marketplace.

Papertrail 's Current Landscape

As organizations continuously strive to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, they are always looking for applications that will provide an innovative edge to grow and complement their business.

Papertrail avoids rigid outcomes and shrink-wrapped solutions that force companies to adapt their winning business model to the constraints of their software. Rather, they encourage customers to make use of the full spectrum of their expertise and flexibility of PaperTrail to create an effective content management solution that drives performance. They automate business processes allowing companies to focus on growth while reaching and expanding KPIs

Comprising of an enhanced user experience and powerful workflow engine to drive business processes, mobility, intuitive design, and collaborative and secure nature, it is fast becoming the fully- customizable solution of choice for companies worldwide.

Papertrail Birth Story -

Starting off as a small office with a big dream of delivering world class solutions at affordable prices to African companies, Papertrail have taken their popular solutions worldwide within a wide array of industries.

With recently expanded offices now servicing Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Israel, and Europe; the core commitment to innovative solutions at reasonable prices remains the same.

The Solution

Some of the hottest new industry solutions include:

PeopleHub- eform, workflow and signing solutions enable easy employee onboarding, promotions, leave applications, pay slips, and termination procedures and the recently launched employee portal.

LeaseHub- lease automation bridging the gaps between tenants and landlords; simplifying the process of onboarding new owners and managing the application process flow of new tenants.

SignHub – powerful electronic and digital signature platform for day-to-day productivity, client onboarding and improved customer experience

Medical office and hospitals- Generate and store patient files with safety as the number one priority, enabling controlled access and view privileges. Slashing costs of office management and wait times for patients and preventing inevitable yet potentially life- threatening mistakes commonly caused by human error.

Document management, workflows and digital signatures for banking, investment firms, manufacturing and production, law, travel and many more.

Why hundreds of businesses use PaperTrail

- There is no commitment or upfront investment, payment made at completion of project as per specification

- Personalized solutions that fit your budget, they work with you to create an optimal system for YOU.

- They take care of setup, training, maintenance, and ongoing support.

- On-site premise or cloud deployment system.

-Optimized business processes providing impressive ROI

-Reach KPIs with ease

A Customer Story

Southern-Side Rentals had their agents working hundreds of hours on their admin side. They joined the Leasehub module and were able to get a 300% increase in agent productivity and an 120% cut in cost of onboarding new tenants. At the same time their customer satisfaction on the landlord side increased by an order of magnitude and they increased profit margins all round. Leasehub paid for itself in the first month and the company continues to see new fruit from the program.

A founder quote

Our traction in the market has been due to building powerful simple solutions for complex problems, with the understanding that these solutions will be used and enjoyed by real human beings, in a highly competitive price sensitive environment.

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