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One Typical Day is the solution for the next generation of job hunters

What is One Typical Day?

One Typical Day is a careers insight platform, designed to help students figure out their first steps into the world of work. Focusing on accessible, relatable careers content, One Typical Day provides video insights into a wide range of careers. As the future of graduate recruitment goes digital, One Typical Day is a solution for the next generation.

The current industry landscape

There are a lot of careers resources out there - but many are outdated, or exclusively open for those who can afford to pay for them. One Typical Day is a solution focused on accessibility, equality and diversity. By making resources available to all university students, regardless of educational background or financial means, One Typical Day works towards equity and inclusion.

The birth of the company

One Typical Day's founder, Eloise Skinner, is a careers content creator who has been in the industry for over a decade. After writing her own careers resources for a large audience of young professionals, Eloise started to see the demand for a new, digital-first solution. Eloise was formerly a corporate lawyer, and brings expertise from both a corporate and academic perspective.

One Typical Day is a graduate of the Oxford University incubator and the specialized StartEd Ed-Tech accelerator, as well as a current participant of Hatch's social impact accelerator.

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