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Oh Yeah Beats empowers through music

What is Oh Yeah Beats?

Oh Yeah Beats creates music productions and musical lyrics in a full composition that uplifts, encourages, and empowers individuals and their brands.

About the industry

In the music and entertainment industry, many jobs have been lost due to the pandemic and many are seeking ways to earn consistent revenue. Many are unable to perform live and on the road.

Why the company was created

Oh Yeah Beats started as solely a music production company and began providing music to individuals and brands.

Currently being built is system and solution to content creators that are constantly receiving copyright strikes and take-down request from royalty-free music libraries. The company is providing material that entitles the clients as sole owners of the product to combat the occurrences. Successfully, Oh Yeah Beats' clients are happy and return for more top-quality products that are delivered in their preference. Founder Orville Wright, also known as 'Oh Yeah', believes that there is a way for everyone to win without the true damage that is caused by capitalism. He has a vision to improve the relationships between musicians and clients in the entire industry.

How Oh Yeah Beats impacts society

One way that lives are being changed with the direction of the brand is through a wave of theme songs. Orville decided that a great way to uplift and highlight the wonderful works of others is through theme songs that incorporate ideal sounds, instruments, and lyrics that emphasize the impact from their works. This allows for bridges to be connected between many communities of individuals, no matter the industry. What is also doing is demonstrating how everyone should interact on both a business and personal level.

About the team

The core team is everyone that is involved with each musical project. The clients play a big role as they are the source of where thoughts come from. The music is molded around the desires and necessities for their projects. Orville makes it the ultimate goal to strive for complete satisfaction of the production.

Orville makes it a goal of Oh Yeah Beats to provide the feel good element in business interaction as well as the quality of music. Often a goal is to have many of the audience to say to themselves and others, "Oh Yeah!"

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