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Luisa Jo recreating the perfume industry

What is Luisa Jo?

Luisa Jo is a high-end perfume brand with the intention to disrupt the perfume industry. The concept is very unusual: the scent awakes human instincts and triggers sexual attraction. The elixir rather emphasizes the customer's personal skin scent, and stays an intimate element; just like the sound of an individual's voice or signature.

The current industry landscape

The usual perfumes on the market are far too intense at the beginning after spraying them on the skin, especially in the morning, and then they quickly disappear, and nothing is left. Additionally, most women perfumes are build around floral fruity notes, and men fragrances are typically quite herbal woody. Very predictable and not particularly exciting.

Kathleen Tessaro writes in her fabulous book ‘The Perfume Collector’: “To be honest, I cannot bear that everyone smells alike. It’s vulgar! There is something wrong, deeply wrong about an entire room of women who all smell the same. What’s the point?"

Furthermore, once a person finds their magic fragrance on the market, the one that they really identify with, it is often being discontinued and they cannot buy it anymore. In other words, those limited editions, or hundred of flankers that are quickly launched one after the other are just confusing and frustrating.

Can a person not have a scent that rather tells a story - the story of who they are, who they might be, perhaps even of who they fear becoming… and that is very personal to them? Something that stays the entire day and night, and that is only theirs? Something that creates addiction, real desire and curiosity? Why not going even a step further by saying that it should create sexual attraction by awakening human instincts?

The creation of Luisa Jo

Franziska, the founder of Luisa Jo, is a scent designer originally from Germany, now living in beautiful Amsterdam surroundings. After many years working in the fragrance industry at one of the world’s leading fragrance house, she felt the desire to create perfumes for herself and others.

A few years ago she accepted a challenge to create a scent that didn't invade other people’s space with a huge commercial (fruity floral) bomb, but rather emphasizes the unique personal skin aroma, made from the highest quality and most precious ingredients. Plus it should last until the end of the night.

So she handed out her first creation to a few selected people, and they told her that it’s an addictive smell that they never want to switch from; something to fall in love with and stick to. But also something that they want to 'own' and not reveal or share.

Hearing people's compliments and conversations made Franziska realize that she indeed created something special, and that she had to bring this perfume alive.

The vision behind Luisa Jo

The big idea behind the creation of Luisa Jo is that humans, after all, all want to be desired. Therefore, the main goal is to provide a very limited group of people with the ultimate sexy accessory to stick out from the crowd. Without a doubt, there is a deep connection between the universe of smell and the universe of magic. And a perfume should be THE invisible tool to seduce a lover.

How it works? The perfume contains natural pheromones, which are hormones that impact the behavior of the receiver, therefore your surrounding. But apart from these important animatic ingredients, the perfume also smells divine, highlighting some rather dirty fiery accords that are not shy in the composition.

The effect on skin is adventurous & daring as it gently envelops you in a hot and erotic aura of smoky leather and the smell of warm fur. It expands on the skin - creating a real anchor in the senses. And this effect is different on every skin!

In other words, the Luisa Jo goal is to distinguish itself from the world of commercial (mass) perfumery, and go back to a more tailor-made idea full of mysterious and surprising elements. Franziska wants to bring back body to the modern perfumery through wilderness and erotic force.

Franziska wants to sell excitement instead of just a nice smelling perfume!

Customer experience

The feedback Franziska received from the first sold batch of “Electric Wildfire” was overwhelming: celebrities in Germany say that they never want to use anything else anymore. A “difficult to understand, but mysteriously crazy scent” one client reported back. “Please don’t spread the word, this is MY scent!” said another fan.

What it all comes down to is that the perfume seems to have such a strong impact on the surrounding of the wearing person, that Luisa Jo guarantees many intrigued looks and comments. The perfume creates addiction; not necessarily to the wearing person, but certainly to the surrounding of this person.

Team culture

Franziska is a working mum with two little kids at home, and an exciting job at a world’s leading fragrance house. But because this is not already enough, she also wanted to build up her own start-up in order to bring some extra thrill in her life. So basically it’s all Franziska at the moment, but she is looking for partnerships for the future.

“Dream big, follow your rainbow and believe in magic!”


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