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LoveThrive, A Social Good Platform for Real People to Connect In a Meaningful Way

What LoveThrive does

LoveThrive is an emerging platform for those looking to find like-minded souls with whom they share common interests. In contrast to the social giants, LoveThrive caters specifically to creatives, thought leaders, and people who are equally as passionate about social impact.

LoveThrive's Current Landscape

In today’s world, a few billion-dollar tech companies hold the reins and control how people use social media. Their primary concern could be construed as making money off users while maintaining huge profit margins for shareholders and investors. In the male-dominated social media industry, small and medium-sized brands have to fight tooth and nail to compete with major brands.

Company Birth Story

Like many others who noticed a disconnect, Yume Herod, brand product manager, and principal founder of LoveThrive was frustrated and grew weary of competing with over-run social media algorithms. She knew there had to be another path, so she thought, "Why not combine the team's tech consulting background to find a solution?" Their goal was to find a way to promote social good and purpose with human-centered content.

The Solution

LoveThrive embraces positive social change with a meaningful, purpose-driven magazine-community platform. This tech and product development brand is launching SaaS online products, including UGC (user-generated content) publishing with a peer-based networking platform. People from all walks of life will have a space to converge and make © 2022 LoveThrive meaningful connections on both personal and professional levels. LoveThrive uplifts small to medium-sized businesses and levels the playing field with a niche social-good platform model.

LoveThrive, a 100% bootstrapped company, was born out of pure determination and passion to provide an alternative. Its founder, Herod, relied on years of product and project management experience to tackle challenges as they emerged while building a viable product for their beta launch. For instance, how can a company expand its capital when it’s not yet bringing in revenue? As a woman and minority-owned company, LoveThrive faces unique challenges when it comes to securing grants and funding while maintaining the integrity and vision of the brand. Since the company didn’t have the same funding access as large corporations and social media goliaths, LoveThrive had to get creative to raise funds for their initiative by using non-dilutive funding versus dilutive funding which requires giving up equity.

A Customer Story

In 2023, LoveThrive will roll out its human-centered brand, product, and SaaS. Purpose, planet, and prosperity will share space on the LoveThrive platform. In contrast to broader social content, LoveThrive welcomes a community of diverse creators of all ages and backgrounds with a shared passion for social good as a niche. LoveThrive is on a mission to empower people with the tools they need to contribute to positive changes in their communities.

The Team Culture

LoveThrive is an imaginative, forward-thinking company that thrives on the idea of balance. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the LoveThrive team includes Herod, their brand product manager, designers, developers, quality assurance, and social media. The team works in short sprint cycles, with one to two-week intervals to deliver features or fixing existing bugs. An innovative, remote-based team culture encourages collaboration, efficiency, and flexibility.

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