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InkMatch: A Platform That Connects Tattoo Artists & Fans

What InkMatch Does

InkMatch is one of the world's largest digital tattoo communities that helps tattoo enthusiasts from the US, UK, and Brazil find artists who match their preferences. The platform is getting more and more traction and is poised to reform the way people get their tattoos.

The Current Landscape

Every day, thousands of enthusiasts search for creative tattoo designs, and hundreds of artists look for new clients. As a SaaS website, InkMatch aims to help these two groups find each other. With InkMatch, people can search for tattoo artists based on their style and location, and reach out to them directly through the website.

Most people rely on friends' advice or Instagram to find a tattoo artist. Established platforms like Tattoodo and Tattoos Wizard offer similar functionalities to facilitate this process, creating dynamic competition for user engagement and market share.

Company Birth Story

The idea of InkMatch was born when its founder was browsing for tattoo ideas on Instagram. The platform's search feature only allows users to look for one hashtag at a time, which means that they cannot search for multiple hashtags simultaneously. For example, if someone wants to find realism tattoo artists in New York, they would have to search for either realism artists or New York artists. After doing some research, it turned out that this limitation frustrated many users, and that’s how InkMatch was born — to solve this issue.

The Solution

InkMatch simplifies the process of finding a tattoo artist, making it more convenient. It comes with the style and location filters that people can use to find a nearby tattoo artist and reach out to them. The platform also has an interactive gallery that allows users to create collections of tattoos by typing a keyword in a search bar. Currently, the website hosts more than 4,500 artists and 30,000 tattoo designs, and these numbers continue to grow rapidly.

The development team has put a lot of effort into building a rich content base for the website, which is a major competitive advantage. This makes clients' experiences more wholesome — the website entices its visitors to explore, enjoy, and learn while surfing the platform. For that reason, InkMatch has the most diverse tattoo design collections, exclusive interviews with tattooists, and many helpful guides.

The Team Culture

At its core, InkMatch is run by people who love tattoos. The team’s passion fuels the project, but it also it inspires creativity within the team itself. For example, Tetiana, Head of Client Service, discovered an interest in tattoo sketching after joining the InkMatch team.

Another team member, who is a big fan of large tattoos, is planning to finish her sleeve tattoo piece. The InkMatch team is very supportive of her and eager to see the final result.

A Founder Quote

“We believe that the tattoo industry has much more potential that can be realized and shown to the world. Tattooing is art, and we want it to be seen as such on our platform. We’ve built a community for artists to showcase their work and tell stories behind each tattoo they create.”

— Kate Zabolotnia, Head of Product at InkMatch

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