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How A Digital Events Company Launches Into the Hybrid Metaverse

What is Meet Virtually?

Meet Virtually is an innovative digital events agency specializing in connecting consumers and corporations with exclusive experiences, including Virtual Reality Tours. Their knowledgeable concierge team offers full-service consultation, ensuring that each client gets a unique and perfectly suited experience where every digital event is entertaining, engaging, experiential, and informative.

The Current Landscape

The future of virtual events is hybrid, simulated travel. The key objective for the year is to be an even better partner to clients by diversifying offerings. The past two years have taken a toll on the creativity for teams of any industries to inspire their employees to stay engaged and feel connected through remote work.

Meet Virtually Tours launches this spring. Harnessing the power of travel to inspire, educate, and enliven the human experience, Meet Virtually Tours offers clients the ability to create custom virtual reality travel experiences. In the events space, hybrid can mean many things, like a digital event coupled with real products for a DIY cocktail hour or oysters for a shucking class.

Screen fatigue is also real for so many. It's important for the human body and mind to engage in many formats of experience to stay active and continue to thrive. For the employees who want to go into the office, setting up a custom event in that location so people can mingle both together and online is a top consideration.

Company Birth Story

Faced with the mounting challenges of a global pandemic, Javier Valdez and Michael Friedman worked together to launch Meet Virtually in 2020. The initial idea was to create a company which allowed them to continue to evolve, stay relevant, and grow their influence in the events industry. Frustrated by what was being offered in the digital arena, Javier and Michael founded Meet Virtually to provide an effective method for companies to engage with their clients in a meaningful way at a time when in-person meetings were impossible. It quickly became obvious that they had found a solution to a problem that many companies around the world were facing. From early on, demand grew swiftly and repeat clients were a regular occurrence. A key focus for Meet Virtually is to create positive change within the virtual travel, meetings, and event space. Utilizing the advancement of technology and techniques in the industry, Meet Virtually evolves the way people connect, engage, and meet digitally.

The Solution

The Meet Virtually Tours experience offers attendees the chance to use a custom app and VR headset preloaded with their unique content specific to each client, such as a Napa Valley winery tour or University campus visit and use their mobile device to access the event. Once inside, they’re greeted by an expert who guides them live through a personalized, engaging 360-degree peak into the new world. Guides are available to answer questions in real-time and guests can interact with friends and co-workers in attendance. As an added benefit, Meet Virtually Tours provides event-specific accoutrements where fitting, including beer, wine, maps, and more for an unforgettable, full sensory adventure. The solution is a customized approach offering various industries a new platform to conduct business.

A Customer Story

Celebrating women’s empowerment with Broadway stars supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program for Fortune 500 company.

Organizations that invest in building and celebrating sub-communities like women in the workplace are doing it right. To cultivate a supportive culture, provide a forum for open conversation, and demonstrate commitment to unique groups and individuals, companies of all sizes have developed robust DEI programs and employee resource groups.

Employees want to see their own organizations communicating values and backing up their words with actions and experiences. What Meet Virtually, a premier digital events company produced to celebrate female employees at PepsiCo is a great example of how to create an impactful, engaging, and thought-provoking event.

To mark the end of a challenging yet energizing year, Meet Virtually developed an event for PepsiCo’s Women in eCommerce (WinE) group, comprised of approximately 150 professionals across the country. Better yet, the entire production was designed to empower women, created by women, for women, and with a cast of incredibly talented women.

The event was an interactive and entertaining live Broadway experience starring actresses who played the Schuyler Sisters from the Broadway sensation, Hamilton. Betsy Werbel, a Broadway producer and performer, hosted the event and guided attendees through live singing performances and engaging discussions with the actresses, Syndee Winters, Hannah Cruz, and Aubin Wise.

PepsiCo women sent custom gift boxes prior to the event and were encouraged to ask questions and bring up topics of interest, which resulted in a collaborative discussion delving into the complex characters the actresses played on stage and their personal journeys off the stage. The three spoke about women empowerment, how they each carved out space for themselves in the Broadway community while breaking gender and racial norms, along with the important differences and overlap between strength and femininity.

Because Meet Virtually was able to coordinate this powerful experience for PepsiCo employees offering them an exclusive opportunity to have real, raw conversations with Broadway actresses, the company saw an increase in interest for the WinE group. To date, Meet Virtually’s most booked Broadway talent has been Hamilton with over 100 booked experiences in just one year.

A Founder Quote

“The virtual events space is constantly in flux and guests expect to be surprised and delighted,” says Javier Valdez, Managing Partner. “Meet Virtually Tours provides the tools for corporate and personal party hosts to present memorable, creative experiences for guests to explore the world in a 360-degree viewpoint from the comfort of their homes and offices.”

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