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HomeZada's High Tech Solution to Managing Your Home

HomeZada is a digital home management platform that empowers consumers to manage, maintain, protect and improve their largest financial asset and biggest expense, their home.

What's Going On?

HomeZada is helping create this new “digital home management” category as it combines multiple apps, content and data to help homeowners save money and time managing their home. Most homeowners don’t have a home maintenance schedule and they lack a home inventory of photos, videos and documents of their home. They don’t really track budget, costs, documents and warranties for their home remodel projects and they don’t centrally track their homes value, their mortgage balance, their home equity and all the regular household expenses like insurance, property taxes, and various utilities. Most homeowners either don’t manage this information about their home or if they do, they cobble together paper files, some generic cloud storage apps, and some spreadsheet or calendar apps.

How it all started

HomeZada was started by three co-founders who all previously worked together at a commercial construction project management software startup, where one founder was a previous co-founder. The company grew to market leading global position, raised venture and corporate venture capitals, and had a successful exit to a public company who acquired the business. The idea for HomeZada came from Elizabeth Dodson (one of the three co-founders) who saw the previous companies software manage every detail of billion dollar construction projects like NFL stadiums and Las Vegas casinos yet she was frustrated at not being able to manage the details of her own home. She had the same problem that most homeowners have, which is data is scattered everywhere about your home, there are no proactive alerts and reminders, and no way to easily track the asset value and the total cost to own the home.

HomeZada's Solution

HomeZada has first mover advantage in this huge market opportunity with over 120 million homeowners in the US and many more in developed international countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe. HomeZada is an all-in-one platform that manages your home inventory, home maintenance schedule, home remodel projects, home documents and all your home finances. There are also professional versions of HomeZada that serve as a customer marketing and loyalty solution for mortgage, insurance, and real estate companies who can have a branded version of HomeZada to provide to their clients for increase retention and renewal opportunities.

HomeZada also has an advertising platform to connect homeowners to product and services they need to manage their home such as home improvement products, finding contractors, and finding financial products such as refinancing, home equity and insurance products. HomeZada has proven its platform with consumer users all across the country representing every generation of homeowner and has started securing partner deals with large real estate and insurance companies.

HomeZada's Customers

Homeowners really love HomeZada because it helps them so many ways. One user saved $500.00 of late fees because we warned them that their property taxes were due. Another homeowner in Houston got reimbursed properly after a hurricane damage their home and they had their home inventory in HomeZada to share in the claims process with the insurance company. Another user in Maryland has multiple rental properties for income and she has a better handle on managing her portfolio of homes all in one place with HomeZada. Other user have expressed value in understanding their home equity and total cost to own the home as part of their financial retirement plans. A homeowner in Phoenix loves the ability to manage budgets for the remodels they are doing with the fixer-upper they bought.

HomeZada's Team

HomeZada’s founders are Elizabeth Dodson, David Ing, and John Bodrozic.

"We are all bonded together by the mission of creating a valuable software platform that creates value for both our consumers customers and our business partners. We are also passionate about the societal value that HomeZada can create in aggregate in many different ways.

More disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes cause home and personal property destruction, so having a home inventory helps people get back financially after these tragic events. Many people forget or don’t know what preventative maintenance tasks to do which leads to increased energy usage. HomeZada can help reduce energy usage because more people are made aware of what needs to be done and when to keep the home operating efficiently. Many older people now want to age-in-place and need an estate plan over how to distribute their home and their possessions where HomeZada helps this process. Many consumers especially lower income homeowners just lack the financial awareness of how to manage their home. HomeZada dramatically can help preserve value through our increased financial awareness. Check them out: Follow on Social


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