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Homemade Authentic Experiences: Hoamsy

What Hoamsy does

Llama petting, oyster decorating, and beach yoga. What do all of these have in common? They are hosted by small creators, local experts, and passionate individuals on Hoamsy. Here at Hoamsy, we connect locals looking for an unforgettable experience with hosts hiding in plain sight: they’re right in your own neighborhood! Think Etsy, but for experiences.

The Current Landscape

Online platforms are becoming more and more popular, and in the event space, the big players dominate and crowd out the little guys. The mainstream websites and platforms promote large events, and if anyone wants to share their own event born out of a personal passion or a fun side-hustle, it often gets buried under large businesses. A comparable platform is Eventbrite, an event management and ticket sales company. How we differ from our competitors is by handpicking each host based on the “why” of what they do and by coming up with a unique way to make their passion or side hustle into a ticketable experience that they can share with others in the community.

Company Birth Story

With the pandemic shutting down outside life, people began picking up new interests in their own homes, developing new skills and hobbies. As restrictions began to lift, Hoamsy founders Richard and Nelly began hosting Indian cooking nights, Catan tournaments, and other small group events for close friends. From this, they were inspired to find other local creators in the Boston area who wanted to share their passions. They found that no place existed online where these small authentic experiences could be hosted and shared. From this, the idea of Hoamsy was born. After months of reaching out to creators and individuals locally, Hoamsy is proud to have hosted hundreds of events with dozens of hosts holding unique events every week.

The Solution

The founders identified two groups that go together perfectly, but rarely converge: Individuals looking for unique, local experiences, and dedicated small local hosts. It is also tiresome to scour the web looking for unique local experiences, with websites like Groupon, eventbrite, fever, and more, showing popular events dominated by large businesses. It is difficult to fight through social algorithms to reach an audience that shares the same interest. Here lies the core of Hoamsy’s vision: bringing the local hidden gems into the spotlight. By reaching out to local and authentic hosts, the experiences by hosts have a unique local flair that beats going to the same old bar any day of the week.

A Customer Story

Here is one from a customer who spent the weekend with our stone sculpting expert and host Scott. Scott shows the Boston community the endless possibilities with sculpting. “Scott is a really great teacher and sets a relaxing environment to get creative and get in the sculpting zone. It's a wonderful way to unwind and get some more meaningful and unique decor for the home or as a gift.” This shows how Hoamsy is impacting new hosts and customers. Scott is now able to reach more customers and more locals can discover what their area has to offer.

A founder quote

“We want to create a home on the internet for small creators to build their passions and share it with their local community.”

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