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Handle life with LifeHandle's carrying device

What is LifeHandle?

LifeHandle is a manufacturer of assistive carrying devices and accessories, offering solutions for families that need to carry and/or walk with gear, bags, children, or pets. The base sling transfers the weight of what you hold, pull, or lift from your arms to the core of your body.

Current industry landscape

LifeHandle was originally designed with the people that get outdoors and live an active lifestyle in mind. There seems to be a societal push to do more outside and LifeHandle aims to make those outings more enjoyable. However, due to the unique engineering and design of LifeHandle, the LifeHandle product line has many uses and applications thereby making LifeHandle relevant to various industries: baby/child carriers; movers; construction; dog walking; etc. As such, there are many single purpose products that would be considered competitors, but none that have the range, use, and comfort of LifeHandle.

The creation of the company

The idea for LifeHandle was formed when LifeHandle’s co-founder was comforting his newborn baby one night and was experiencing arm and shoulder pain due to a recent car accident. He investigated several options to take the strain off of his shoulder and nothing seemed to fit. He found that his best option was a wrap, which would wake up his baby when it was removed. In time, he realized that he needed something more versatile and developed the first sling and handle prototype using a guitar strap and jump rope. He quickly determined that the sling and handle needed to be strong enough to hold a child, and easily adjustable for quick release. Shortly after, while walking his dog with his other child, he thought of making the leash accessory hands-free so that he could care for his child and know that their dog would not run off.

LifeHandle's growth and vision

The crux of the LifeHandle product line is the Base Sling made of breathable air mesh, neoprene padding, and soft non-irritating fabrics and patent-pending HUB technology to attach LifeHandle accessories including the All-Purpose Handle and the Hands-Free Comfort Leash. The LifeHandle Sling works to transfer the weight of what you hold, pull, or lift from your arms and delivers it to the core of your body.

The All-Purpose Handle allows the user to easily hold children, bags, or other heavy items with one arm, and can also be used as leverage to lift heavy packages or boxes. The Hands-Free Leash is suitable for dogs of any breed, size, or age, and is designed to distribute a dog's pull force across your core and minimizing that force with the built-in shock absorber all while keeping both hands free.

Some noteworthy advantages include: the slim, straightforward design; the ease of putting it on and taking it off; and the variety of attachments currently available and those in development that helps users Handle Life with LifeHandle.

One attachment worth mentioning is the newly-released Clip-On Drink Holder. The holder is engineered to hold any size bottle, mug, can, or sippy cup. Gone are the days of trying to juggle a bottle while holding other items, or watching a small child throw their sippy cup only to ask for it a second later. The clip device is strong and easy to release and the drink will still fit in a car cup holder without the need to remove the holder.

LifeHandle is on a mission to make a product that is dependable, long lasting, and allows the user comfort and ability across many activities. LifeHandle knows the competitive landscape is loaded with single function products, but LifeHandle has the ability to prove their product line is a better solution compared to the various single purpose products in many categories.

About the team

LifeHandle’s team culture is built around family values and we recognize that a strong bond forms a powerful brand. They have their own kids and dogs, love being outdoors, and enjoy participating in activities together with a work hard play hard philosophy. Just as the team works to elevate their own families, they work each day to improve the lives of every family that orders a LifeHandle.

Customer service is paramount – by purchasing a LifeHandle they have bought into the ‘family’. The team wants to improve their lives, to allow them a better way Handle Life and some of its challenges along the way.

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