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From Post-Natal Depression to a Fool-Proof business venture

What Co-Parenting Plus does

Co-Parenting Plus is an all-inclusive co-parenting and blended family communication platform that removes the ugly side of co-parenting and levels the playing field between both sexes.

Founder, Peggy Roddick acknowledges that it was her partners “inability to set healthy boundaries with his ex-partner that sent their blended family into a toxic downward spiral”.

“It was his fear of retaliation and parental alienation that stopped him from standing up for our family and instead created a habit of dropping everything to be at her beck and call.

The Current Landscape

Co-Parenting Plus is an Australian first with competitors predominantly hailing from the U.S.A.

The two biggest players in the market are the free “APPCLOSE” which does not offer an all-inclusive platform and “Our Family Wizard” which is often reviewed by consumers as glitchy and too expensive.

The Australian Family Law Court regularly mandates the use of mobile apps such as Co-parenting Plus in family law proceedings so to have an Australian Owned company is highly desirable to the local market.

Company Birth Story

After selling a successful Real Estate Agency in Western Sydney in June 2021, Co-Parenting Plus founder Peggy Roddick was not only looking at her next move professionally but also needed a solution for the biggest problem in her life… her partners ex!

After the birth of her daughter Sadie in 2022, Peggy was overcome by severe Situational Post-Natal Depression caused by the lack of boundaries and interference by her partner’s co-parent.

“I literally felt like I was going insane, I had no control over my household and every special event in my life was tainted by his co- parents actions” “My partner was unable to maintain the boundaries needed for our family to live peacefully so I decided to create an app that could create and maintain these necessary boundaries for him; something that would automatically record all communication and ultimately hold his co-parent responsible for her actions”.

The Solution

Co-Parenting Plus is set to take over the Australian Market in 2024 with strong branding, a great product and ambitious marketing plans in place!

Co-Parenting Plus is a much-needed platform for the times with over 1,000,000 one-parent families with dependant children in Australian alone – a figure that is growing rapidly each year.

The team at Co-Parenting Plus strive to be a household name and the go-to co-parenting platform by the close of 2024.

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