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From Bootstrapping Startup to Success Story – Step ByStep Business

What the company does?

Step By Step Business provides educational content and tools for aspiring entrepreneurs. The content is exceptionally detailed, engaging, and relevant to the target audience. Its intent is to inspire entrepreneurs to move ahead and start businesses from scratch.

The Current Landscape

Many companies offer similar content about how to start specific businesses. It’s not a crowded market, but it is competitive, as all the businesses are competing to show up first in the organic rankings. For the most part, the competing businesses use a standard format for their content, and don’t provide a great level of detail. Step By Step’s main competitor, however, has a huge library of specific business startup articles, and generally ranks near the top.

Company Birth Story

Step By Step Business started with a mission to create the highest quality content available for aspiring entrepreneurs. In the beginning, it was just a bare bones website with very little content. Everything was outsourced, including the writing and SEO functions. The content was good, but processes were put in place to continuously improve it. With no actual employees, it was a struggle, but the vision kept it moving forward.

The Solution

The vision of Step By Step Business has never changed. It’s to provide content that will not only detail how to start specific businesses, but to inspire entrepreneurs to take the leap and get started. At a higher level, the company seeks to help drive the economy by stimulating small business growth.

At this point, the company has an entire team of employees dedicated to creating the content, and getting it found by the target audience. The content has evolved over time and is truly superior to any similar content on the web. It is extremely detailed, designed to be engaging, and it offers not only an education for the reader, but inspiration and encouragement. This high quality is what differentiates Step By Step Business from competitors.

The website traffic of the company is literally growing to record levels daily, and the team is a well-oiled machine working toward a common goal. The library of content is growing by leaps and bounds, and new types of content relevant to entrepreneurs is being introduced.

The Team Culture

The Step By Step team is disbursed throughout the world, and extremely dedicated and collaborative. All of the team members share the company vision and are very proactive about offering ideas and initiatives that make the company better. The employees are very self-motivated and enjoy the work and the connection that the team has developed.

A founder quote

“Above all, we want our company to inspire entrepreneurs to live their dreams. We truly want to have an impact on their futures and be a part of their success.”

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