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Explore future business connections with Meetengo

What is Meetengo?

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time, and you immediately hit it off?

Some might call it chemistry. Other might call it good vibes or energy.

Have you ever felt the other way around? That you don’t want to work together?

It’s called "Business Friendship" and when you have it, you are off to better business results.

Meetengo helps business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers create and manage their business connections based on their interpersonal skills, also known as "Behavioral Fingerprint".

Current industry landscape

There are many business matchmaking solutions out there, but they only identify a match based on business characteristics (location, services etc.), which is good but not enough. A study conducted by Meetengo showed that 6 out of 10 business meetings were a total waste of time.

MeetengoAI is adding another layer of insight to traditional business matchmaking, the interpersonal match. They want to make sure that whoever you meet is your best match from a business perspective, as well as personal one is a good fir to be your future business partner.

The creation of Meetengo

After 16 years of entrepreneurships and hundreds of wasted hours on bad meetings, Shlomit Ozeri Vaknin, Meetengo’s CEO, decided to tackle this problem. She wanted to only have good meetings with higher chances of success. She wanted to make sure her time is well invested. When she met Ofir Yogev, Meetengo’s CBO, they immediately connected on both layers. That was the birth of Meetengo.

Meetengo's vision

Meetengo’s vision is to connect business owners, freelancers, self-employed and entrepreneurs from around the world to empower each other. They are doing so by incorporating several behavioral models that allow them to learn their interpersonal characteristics and preferences. All the meetings are taking place in a video platform they integrated into their system, so they can continue to learn seamlessly.

What’s the connection between an interpersonal connection and business results you ask? Great question!

Studies show positive correlation between the strength of the personal connection and business results derived from it. If you think about it, it makes sense doesn’t it? A strong interpersonal connection boost creativity and increase motivation and effectiveness. It’s a guarantee for success.

Customer story

One of Meetengo's community members from the US approached them recently and told them that Dana, our own AI agent, connected her with an entrepreneur from Australia. Both knew nothing about the other, but when they met virtually it was clear for both of them why Dana made the connection, and it was a success! Today they are business partners from two sides of the globe.

Who are the Meetengo team?

Meetengo is small 2-year old startup. The management team is made out of:

Shlomit Ozeri Vaknin (CEO): Shlomit is an entrepreneur since her early 20s. She comes from the world of Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Ofir Yogev (CBO): Ofir has 14 years of international Business Development & Sales experience in startups and mature companies.

Yariv Goren (CTO): Yariv has almost 3 decades in various R&D managerial roles, specializing in AI and ML.

Amit Bohensky (Advisory Board): An entrepreneur with a track record of 5 successful M&As and 3 IPOs, currently managing Moonbow Ventures. Amit also introduced us to Mark Coleman who sold DoubleClick to Google in 2008 and is considered to be one of most familiar investors and entrepreneurs in the East coast.

Check them out:

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