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Explore, analyze and plan your marketing campaigns with BuzzGuru

What is BuzzGuru?

BuzzGuru is a global company concentrated on working with and for marketers and brands in the influencer marketing field. BuzzGuru has developed and is constantly improving its own SaaS marketing technology platform. The platform is used in-house and by BuzzGuru’s clients to prepare and manage influencer marketing campaigns, search for relevant influencers, analyze their audiences and competitors’ advertising campaigns. The company also includes a performance agency that manages influencer marketing campaigns. BuzzGuru’s mission is to help brands and agencies scale their businesses and grow their revenue through one of the most effective and fast-growing marketing channels – influencers on social media.

The current industry landscape

The influencer marketing industry is growing fast: from approximately $9.7 billion in 2020 to $13.8 billion this year according to the Influencer Marketing Hub studies. According to their experts, already in 2019, every dollar spent on advertising with influencers brought brands an average of $5.7, and in some areas of the market, the earned media value reached $18.

Also, the Mediakix research shows that 71% of marketers rate the quality of traffic from influencer marketing very highly: they say customers are better than those from other marketing sources.

And yet influencer marketing remains a dark area for most marketers. The Influencer Marketing Hub study showed that marketers find working with influencers difficult:

  • 23% of marketers and agency representatives said that finding relevant influencers and building communication with them is very difficult;

  • 62% of respondents rated this task as medium-difficult.

BuzzGuru makes things easier and the work more efficient. The marketing intelligence platform developed by the company is made specifically for those who need to automate relevant influencers search first of all. The marketing AI has all the necessary data and analyzes influencers and their audiences for brands’ needs. Also, those who prefer working with agencies can always work with BuzzGuru experts who conduct influencer marketing advertising campaigns from the beginning to the very end and provide clients with detailed reports.

Creating BuzzGuru

BuzzGuru started as an influencer marketing marketplace agency in 2017. The focus has always been on helping brands reach target audiences and bring the highest possible ROI from influencer marketing campaigns. In 2019 BuzzGuru pivoted to an IM agency after seeing that the companies were rather willing to outsource all IM work to specialized agencies rather then do it by themselves, and much work was being done manually. Generally it took a lot of time, effort, and resources – the problem that led to the further development through automation.

BuzzGuru needed a solution to boost the business growth and become more efficient and useful to the clients. Also, it’s impossible to be up-to-date and competitive without own high-tech business solutions. So BuzzGuru started developing automation tools for in-house use. First, there appeared a large database of influencers with their general information; then BuzzGuru automated the process of updating the performance metrics of the influencers (their engagement rate, the average number of views, etc.).

Soon it turned out that there was a whole stack of technologies that could be gathered and optimized. So, the technologies were arranged into a new whole and wholesome product – the BuzzGuru marketing intelligence platform.

Now, the platform is available for brands, agencies, and solo marketers who want to work with influencers and conduct advertising campaigns on social media efficiently.

The vision of the company

The future is digital, and the future is now, this means BuzzGuru is one of those companies building the future and conducting the present. Digitalization and automation of the preparation process for an influencer marketing campaign is the main focus of the marketing intelligence platform.

The platform is designed to save time and resources when starting an advertising campaign on social media. Average preparation time when using BuzzGuru decreases by about 5 times according to BuzzGuru’s research. There is a large base of influencers from the most popular and profitable platforms (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok; Instagram is coming soon), and all the vital data needed to sort influencers that are most relevant for a specific campaign. BuzzGuru users and clients have access to detailed reports on influencers’ performance.

Also, BuzzGuru is the only platform that can provide you with valuable insights on your competitors’ campaigns, including the approximate budgets for promoting video games, applications, and sites.

Customer experience

More than 1000 brands became BuzzGuru’s clients and partners over only 4 years. The world’s leading companies trust BuzzGuru.

Some brands that are among BuzzGuru’s clients: Opera, Yager, YoudaGames, goGame, NetEase, Atlas VPN, and others.

About the team

Aside from being the developer of one of the most useful and efficient tools for influencer marketing, BuzzGuru is also a close-knit team of professionals. More than 70 passionate and experienced experts of the influencer marketing industry improve BuzzGuru clients’ ad campaigns’ performance.

Pavel Beinia, BuzzGuru’s CEO and founder, has more than 10 years of experience in influencer marketing. His mission is to bring innovations and transparency to the industry, make influencer marketing more accessible as well as efficient.

“By the end of 2021, there is no question of whether you do or don’t need to run influencer marketing campaigns. The question is: how to make the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. Using BuzzGuru influencer marketing intelligence platform advertisers can easily find relevant influencers for their campaigns with minimal human and time resources, as well as spend their budgets smartly and more efficiently”. - Pavel Beinia, CEO and Founder at BuzzGuru

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