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Empathy-Driven Tech for Solopreneurs: The Omni.Day Era

What Omni Day does

Omni.Day - a link-in-bio to run your business, streamlining service providers' admin tasks into seamless scheduling, payments, and client management. With up to 10 extra hours saved weekly in admin and a chance to increase revenues by 20%. Starting a solo business has never been easier.

The Current Landscape

The service industry's current tech landscape is a maze of inefficient solutions. Solopreneurs struggle with tools that don't synergize, leading to lost time and opportunity. Notable competitors include Schedulicity for scheduling and Square for payments, yet none provide a holistic approach, leaving a gap for a unified, user-friendly platform.

Company Birth Story

It all started with a refugee kid helping his folks with their never- ending paperwork. Fast forward, and here we are, making sure that tech is something that gives you time, not takes it away.

Omni.Day was envisioned to make complex administrative tasks simple and empower solopreneurs with user-friendly technology.

The Solution

Omni.Day is this sweet spot where everything just flows – your schedule, your payments, your client management, and reviews. And unlike the other guys, we keep it simple yet mighty and more importantly free for the service providers!

A Customer Story

User Love: Sarah, a fitness pro, doubled her clients without drowning in more admin, and Raj, a tutor, swapped spreadsheet time for more teachable moments. That’s real impact.

The Team Culture

We’re a bunch of dreamers and doers, all from immigrant backgrounds, who believe that everyone deserves a shot at success, without the tech headache. It’s about building a community, not just a customer base.

A founder quote

“We’re here to shake things up. Omni.Day is about making sure that tech feels like a breeze and gives solopreneurs that 'I’ve got this' vibe.” – Sohrab

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