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Ellipsis Drive - for Spatial Data Worth Sharing

What the company does?

Ellipsis Drive is a Dutch tech startup that has built the world's first interoperable drive for spatial data (satellite images, drone images, thermal images etc). Consider it to be the equivalent of Google Drive that is used to manage and collaborate on text documents or spreadsheets, only now applied to data that goes onto maps.

The current landscape

Currently, Ellipsis Drive stands as a unique offering in the market. The industry currently makes do with bare APIs, FTPs or AWS S3 buckets. Ellipsis Drive goes above and beyond this status quo by introducing true interoperably, servicing all endpoints that different professional groups perfer and being that bridge between spatial data products and consumers needs.

Company birth story

Ellipsis Drive’s young and charismatic CEO & Co-Founder, Rosalie van der Maas is an inspiration in every sense of the word. What started off as a brainstorming session with her brother and now Co-Founder, Daniel van der Maas has turned into a front-running company in a matter of years: Ellipsis Drive - the world's first drive for spatial data.

It was a vision that was driven by passion, curiosity and above all, a desire to make a difference. Her team’s efforts and work have been recognized by investors, industry leaders, newspapers, start up forums, and summits. Even though a lot of successes have already been achieved, Ellipsis Drive is only just getting started. You can check out the complete growth story here.

The solution

Ellipsis Drive converts heavy and tedious spatial files into beautiful live maps fully automatically. The drive makes this data available in such a way that it can be viewed and collaborated on by multiple stakeholders simultaneously. Really, it is just like any other drive - version control, link sharing, access management, you name it!

Ellipsis Drive is fully cloud based, which means no need to download heavy spatial files or risk losing valuable data. It’s how we do things these days right? Or do you download your movies on Netflix before watching them?

What truly sets Ellipsis Drive apart is this level of flexibility. It functions as an additional and more elevated way of integrating and consuming spatial data in comparison with traditional data sharing tools.

Solving this problem is the vision of Ellipsis Drive, to democratize spatial data, where all you need to exchange, view and use spatial data is a browser and a link.

Team Culture

Ellipsis Drive is based out of The Netherlands and comprises a young, small and energetic organization of 20 highly motivated individuals from every part of the world (Australia, India, Europe, USA, South Africa). The company has shown phenomenal growth so far and is set to do very well in its next round of funding in 2023.

Founder quote

“It’s a true pleasure and privilege to be making spatial data consumable for everyone with a well scoped product and above all our highly dedicated team”

Rosalie van der Maas, CEO & Co-Founder

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