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Discover how GoPowerEV is changing the gameplan for Apartment EV Charging

What GoPowerEV does

GoPowerEV offers a low-cost, turnkey EV charging solution specifically designed for multi-family housing. The solution allows a higher volume of charging stations for residents at a fraction of the cost property owners pay for bulkier, mainstream stations that only service a few vehicles at a time.

The Current Landscape

In the fast-evolving world of EV charging infrastructure, the focus has largely been on expanding public charging access for EV drivers on the go. However, this approach overlooks a critical fact: more than 80% of EV charging occurs at home. Unfortunately, this creates challenges for residents of multi- family housing, who lack the option of installing their own chargers. Instead, they must rely on public charging infrastructure, or any EV charging amenity provided by their apartment complex.

Current public chargers at apartment complexes, though accessible, come with their own set of issues. These bulky pieces of equipment prove to be costly for property owners, both in terms of initial installation, upgrading electrical grid and ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, many shared public chargers lack exclusivity for residents, leading to long wait times and the need to juggle limited charging cords, which has been coined as the "musical chairs" scenario. Residents are forced to vigilantly monitor their vehicle's charging status to avoid inconveniencing others.

Company Birth Story

GoPowerEV was born out of the recognition of a crucial gap in the market for EV charging solutions in the multifamily housing sector. As electric vehicles gained popularity, it became evident that apartment dwellers faced significant challenges in accessing convenient and efficient charging options. GoPowerEV emerged as a solution to address these obstacles, providing a turnkey, cost-effective, and user-friendly EV charging system exclusively designed for multi-family properties. With a focus on empowering property owners and enhancing the EV charging experience for residents, GoPowerEV is quickly establishing itself as a pioneer in the industry, driving the transition to a sustainable and accessible electric future.

The Solution

GoPowerEV's motto is simple: The Future Is Electric. And they believe that future needs to have equity. GoPowerEV is building an inclusive and equitable EV future by providing a turnkey solution that caters to all types of EVs, from scooters, e-bikes, cars and more. Their innovative app optimizes charging cycles based on affordable electricity rates, while ensuring residents always have a fully charged vehicle when needed. The EV future they foresee should not be limited only to those who can afford to buy, live, or access the means that will make that future a reality. GoPowerEV's vision is to strengthen charging infrastructure and empower property owners to offer EV charging as a necessary and equitable amenity, shaping a sustainable and accessible future for everyone.

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