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Destigmatizing men's wellness with Caldera + Lab

What is Caldera + Lab?

Caldera + Lab creates premium, non-toxic men's skincare by combining pharmaceutical-grade science, nature's purest and most potent ingredients, and sustainable business practices.

About the industry

The umbrella term of wellness no longer covers just women. As a concept, wellness is becoming more destigmatized. Across the board, more men than ever before now want to feel and look better. They're becoming increasingly conscious of what they put in their body and on their skin, taking a more proactive approach to their appearance and vitality vs. reactive. And they're seeking quality skincare products and educating themselves more and more on the benefits of natural ingredients. They're now as likely as their female peers to discuss grooming and apparel products openly, both online and off. And as social sharing millennial men move into their 30's they're quickly adopting juicing, yoga, mindfulness, and natural self-care into their daily routines.

How the company was created

Jared Pobre, co-founder of Caldera + Lab, and his wife built successful careers in entertainment and business. And when they were pregnant with their first child in 2014, they transformed their lives, ensuring everything they use in and on their bodies was as organic, non-toxic, and sustainable as possible. When they moved to the Wyoming mountains, Jared's face would get badly chaffed from the blustering winds of winter and the hot, dry weather in summer. The only relief he got was from the women's skincare products his wife uses. That's when they asked themselves why there aren't quality products to nourish and protect the thicker, more sensitive skin men have. This time coincided with the reemergence of the wellness lifestyle trend. However, they saw that the focus of most organic skincare brands was on women. So they began developing a men's serum using wild-harvested botanicals from right here in Wyoming's Teton Mountains.

The company's mission

The result is Caldera + Lab, the performance luxury skincare brand for men that harnesses pharmaceutical-grade science and nature's purest, most potent ingredients. The company's biggest challenge after launching in 2019 has been keeping up with demand and managing our production process. Because they are committed to a smaller footprint, they harness pharmaceutical-grade science and nature's purest, most potent ingredients using Green Tech manufacturing, including cutting-edge cryogenics, nutrient-capturing processes, supercritical extractions that leave no solvent waste behind. They are also working on using AI to optimize product quantities personalized to each customer's needs. This way, customers won't waste any of their purchased skincare, and the company further reduces its footprint.

"Life’s turning points are often the best opportunity for a new you. Creating a family and moving to the mountains was ours. Our inner compass navigated us towards experiences, people, and products that improved our health and quality of life. That’s why we created Caldera + Lab. To help inspire your best you." - Jared Pobre

Customer experience

Caldera + Lab's wellness and sustainability messaging extends throughout their social media with content that invites customers to join them on their wellness journey as they inform and educate their audience while still taking time out for some light-hearted fun. As wellness educators, Caldera + Lab takes their role seriously. Although they focus heavily on sharing information on proper skincare techniques and regimens, they like to communicate a message of overall wellness and create a sense of community. By helping their customers learn to make each purchase count, they're taking them on their mission to help create a clean and healthy world for generations to come.

About the team

Caldera + Lab have a small team, so they are very hands-on. Jared finds himself wearing many hats throughout the day, working across all functions, including production, innovation, marketing, finance, and social media. While becoming completely sustainable has been a challenge, it's been a thrilling ride of discovery and learning, which has brought Jared and his wife even closer together as a couple. And, as a family, they've had unique opportunities to make a difference as they work to educate consumers on small steps to take every day to make a positive impact on the environment. But being in business together also involves everyday practicalities. Because they work from home, if one of the two needs to work, they do, and the other takes care of the kids.. They are truly partners in business and at home. Their brand, their products, and their lifestyle work together. It's their Power of Three that makes Caldera + Lab uniquely authentic.

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