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Democratizing Orthodontic Care with AI

What SoftSmile does

SoftSmile provides AI-driven orthodontic treatment planning software that is transforming how people achieve perfect smiles. SoftSmile’s software, VISION, helps orthodontists deliver the most advanced and precise aligner treatment available. Its proprietary technology reduces the cost of aligners without sacrificing quality, giving more people access to beautiful and healthy smiles.

The Current Landscape

Most people who would benefit from orthodontic treatment are unable to access it due to the high cost. SoftSmile is using advanced AI to make orthodontics more affordable, efficient, and inclusive for everyone. From the start, SoftSmile’s focus has been on providing AI-driven software to create a solution that was totally different from its main competitor Invisalign, designing a software that makes clear aligner planning and fabrication easier, faster, and more accurate.

Company Birth Story

The founding story of SoftSmile centers around three friends who grew up to be a doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer. Inspired by their beginnings and driven to succeed, SoftSmile, was founded in 2019 and is on track to become the leader in the orthodontic treatment planning software space.

The Solution

SoftSmile built VISION to provide orthodontic professionals unmatched control over treatment planning. VISION is built with these core features:

- Intuitive & Exquisite UX/UI: VISION's interface, inspired by principles found in video game design, creates lifelike and aesthetically pleasing scans of patients' teeth and gums.

- Tailored Results Supported by Machine Learning: VISION consistently produces more precise results with each case, leading to further time savings in the future as it continues to learn.

- Cost Savings: VISION's all-in-one planning software empowers orthodontists to bypass intermediaries in the aligner manufacturing process, enabling orthodontists to reduce costs and treat more patients in a shorter time frame.

How it differs from competitors:

VISION is different from other solutions because it automates the time-consuming processes of orthodontic treatment planning. Digital treatment plans made with other solutions usually take around 90 minutes to complete, while VISION can complete the entire job in less than five minutes. The automated functionalities save up to 30 times the time required for preparing a teeth model alone. Unlike competitors, SoftSmile refrains from charging doctors excessive lab fees, instead, doctores only pay per accepted case.

Success so far:

VISION is protected by 65 patents with more than 20 patents protecting the biomechanic-influenced AI alone. In addition, SoftSmile secured FDA 510(k) clearance, a testament to its position as a leading solution, complying with all requirements and demonstrating its safety.

SoftSmile’s business model has been to partner with orthodontic labs, aligner companies, and orthodontists to diversify the industry. And with several strategic partnerships with industry greats like Candid, Dandy, and ODL Orthodontic Labs, SoftSmile is rapidly expanding.

Company Vision:

To democratize and reshape the orthodontic industry. This vision is fueled by the belief that orthodontic care should be affordable and accessible to everyone. In practice, SoftSmile promises to deliver economical and attainable care by driving innovation and prioritizing efficiency across its offerings. At its heart, SoftSmile will prioritize the patient over profit.

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