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Crypto Platform Chillur Leads the Way in Helping Everyday Aussies Break into the Market

What is Chillur?

Chillur is a platform that allows users to set up and maintain their own cryptocurrency portfolios with ease. The platform makes navigating the crypto landscape accessible to everyday Australians who aren’t familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, allowing them to invest small amounts regularly without having to worry about daily fluctuations.

The current Landscape

The cryptocurrency landscape is rapidly evolving and growing. While the world of cryptocurrency may still feel like unfamiliar territory to people, the latest shift in the cryptocurrency landscape is seeing the digital asset finding its niche and moving toward mainstream adoption – a far cry from the niche, mystery-shrouded topic cryptocurrency was just a few years ago.

Company Birth Story

Chillur found its origins amid this dynamic landscape. Fintech enthusiast and crypto novice Prashant Rajkhowa saw cryptocurrency’s potential, but when market analysis revealed that there were no platforms catering to beginners wishing to enter the market, in 2019 he created one himself. The goal was to create a beginner-friendly platform geared towards long-term wealth creation.

Despite the shift towards the mainstream, everyday Australians remain unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and find the ever-growing and evolving cryptocurrency landscape overwhelming or confusing. The Australian Investor Sentiment Report 2022 shows that just one in ten (12%) Australians currently invest in cryptocurrency, while over a third (35%) say they don’t know enough

about cryptocurrency to recommend it as a good investment. Nearly a third (30%) of Australians say they find cryptocurrency overwhelming.

The Solution

Chillur’s user-friendly platform provides a hassle-free solution to these concerns for those who wish to break into the cryptocurrency market but aren’t entirely sure where to start. The solution offered by Chillur is a resource built for investors rather than traders – which sets it apart from its competitors. The platform follows the principle of passive investing, reducing risk for the investor by allowing them to maintain diversified portfolios by spreading their investments across different assets.

Founder Prashant Rajkhowa says this approach to cryptocurrency investment has been a driving force behind Chillur’s high customer satisfaction, “What I found from speaking to those around me about breaking into the cryptocurrency market was that the main thing preventing people from taking the plunge was that the risk just seemed too high – especially since there wasn’t much guiding information for people who were new to crypto.” Prashant says.

“So far, the solution provided by Chillur has proven itself to be incredibly successful. Through our passive investment formula which distributes funds across a wide variety of assets, our customers have increased the value of their cryptocurrency portfolios by upwards of 200%,” he says.

Chillur’s beginner-friendly approach to cryptocurrency investment sets it apart from competitors and opens the market to everyday Australians wanting to break into the market and start investing.

About the Australian Investor Sentiment Report 2022

The research by Chillur was carried out on a national representative sample of 1008 Australians aged 18 and over in March 2022. Methodology: The data sample was weighted against ABS data for age, gender and location using an online survey that is independently conducted and verified PureProfile.

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