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Crossing Minds: Personalization Unlike Any Other

What Crossing Minds does

Crossing Minds is an AI-powered personalization platform for e-commerce and content unlike any other. Crossing Minds tailors to each business' unique needs in true 1:1 personalization. Crossing Minds is the only AI recommender system backed by Shopify.

Crossing Minds Current Landscape

Where competitors utilise an "off-the-shelf" solution for all their businesses, Crossing Minds tailors the solution to a business' specific needs or goals in order to help them achieve the results they are really looking for. The cutting edge tech at Crossing Minds allows businesses to proactively personalise customer experiences in a matter of clicks, even for new and anonymous users.

Company Birth Story

Crossing Minds was started by world-renowned AI pioneers Dr. Sebastian Thrun, Dr. Emile Contal, and Alexandre Robicquet. While researching together, it was realised there was a smarter way to do recommendations. The current customer roster includes Backcountry, Grailed, Camp, and Penguin Random House, to name a few.

The Solution

Crossing Minds exists on the belief that the latest advancements in AI and machine learning should not be locked up in academia, but instead, widely accessible to everyone using an intelligent and dynamic software platform. A key breakthrough with Crossing Minds is in behavior-based recommendations, which enable businesses to provide highly relevant recommendations to each user within a couple of clicks. By leveraging on-site actions instead of demographic data, behavior-based recommendations allow businesses to surface individualised recommendations to anyone - even new and anonymous users.

The Team Culture

Crossing Minds' leadership is committed to being open and transparent with employees about the goings-on of the business. In addition to monthly 1:1s with the CEO, employees are encouraged to have face time with one another on a regular, recurring basis to engender community. Beyond competitive salaries, generous benefits and perks, the company also regularly schedules team outings and/or events to keep morale and team spirits high.

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