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Cook up a storm with Reciple

What is Reciple?

Reciple is the first ad-free recipe platform that is equitable for small creators.

Current industry landscape

The online recipe industry is dominated by food blogs and major publications (including recipe-focused platforms like Food Network and AllRecipes, and newspapers). These platforms offer access to nearly any recipe you can imagine for free, but the user experience suffers because creators (and publications) monetize with intrusive ads and SEO content.

The creation of Reciple

Reciple started after a media blowup with the company Recipeasly in March 2021. This company created a tool that essentially scrapes food blogs and returns only the ingredients and directions, so users can more easily use the recipes without the ads or "life story". However, tools like this unfairly strip creators of their income. There was so much backlash that the tool was taken down within 24 hours of its launch. Annie, the founder of Reciple, saw all of this go down on Twitter and thought, what if its possible to do that, but actually make it fair for creators?

"We all know that recipe blogs are frustrating to cook from, in fact: recipe bloggers are just as frustrated as their readers. I've seen a number of companies try to create an ad-free recipe experience, and they all leave out one important factor: the creators. Creators are not only spending a lot of time and energy to develop and share their recipes, but they are also sharing their culture and history with us, all for very little reward. Reciple is the first platform that directly pays small creators to use their work in an ad-free format, allowing them to focus only on the parts of creating that they love." - Annie Singer, founder of Reciple

The company vision

Reciple is a subscription-based recipe service that offers unlimited access to recipes by small creators. From subscription fees, creators are able to earn far higher revenue per recipe impression than they do from ads on their own blogs. Because the company is a paid service, they are able to focus exclusively on building the most user-friendly recipes available online. They've worked to build a library of over 4,000 recipes, and have seen a ton of interest and excitement since their launch last month!

The team culture

The team build their organization on the foundation of equity and diversity. They have creators from around the world, and they are building a unique creator equity program that will help them share tangibly in the success of the business.

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