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Combine customized manufacturing and 3D printing at Roboze

What is Roboze

Roboze is the most accurate 3D printing technology in the world for high performance super polymers.

The current industry landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the global supply chain and many companies are being forced to create new strategies and implement a "recovery plan" to make up for the stoppages in factories located in areas affected by this crisis. This has created the need to rethink their supply chain processes by favoring local production. 3-d printing encourages the convergence of production and consumption where more products are printed and assembled locally, close to the point of purchase. Additionally, in terms of sustainability, 3-d printed parts can use up to 70% less raw material than traditional components. Today 3D printing — constitutes a $67B global market, according to CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus — and it will continue to see increased adoption in industries including manufacturing, automotive, and robotics, thanks to its value in rapid prototyping and small batch production.

The birth of Roboze

Alessio Lorusso, the founder of Roboze, grew up in a family who owned a mechatronic manufacturing company and he grew up tinkering with machinery and tools around the shop floor. Despite his parents’ insistence for him to choose a safe career in finance or accounting, Alessio could not bear the idea of sitting in front of a computer day in and day out to look at spreadsheets. His passion was technology. At age 17, applying the know-how acquired from his family trade, Alessio built his first 3D printer without belts, marrying the latest 3D printing technology with traditional mechatronics. This innovation, de facto eliminated the issues linked to the rubber belts regularly used in desktop 3D printers: distortion, wear, inaccurate repeatability, and the need for frequent calibrations. Thanks to that first invention, Alessio started Roboze, the most accurate 3D printing technology in the world for high-performance super polymers.

The company's goal

Alessio's “obsession" is to create the fastest and most accurate 3D printers in the world so that 3D printing can increasingly replace traditional manufacturing. Roboze's strengths are the technological precision, speed and a strong specialization in materials. In fact, within the company there is a team specialized in the R&D of high-performance technopolymers. Roboze is considered one of the fastest-growing 3D printing startups in the world, serving industry leaders like GE, Leonardo, the U.S. Army and many others. We have two plants: one in Southern Italy and the other one in Texas, and we sell in 25 countries. In a very short time our company has grown from 15 employees to one hundred, increasing revenues by 250% in just one year.

A customer story

The University of Colorado Boulder uses Roboze 3D Printing technology to optimize the design and 3D printed components for a CubeSat project within the college's department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. The CubeSat will spend at least six months in orbit measuring electromagnetic waves emitted by lightning discharges on the earth's surface. The CubeSat's small size and particular geometries, including strict mass and volume limitations, prompted the Lightning, Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Radiation Belt (LAIR) research team to use Roboze 3D printing solutions over conventional methods for the manufacturing of critical components. Leveraging its high-performance polymer PEEK, Roboze will produce the CubeSat's magnetic field sensor holders making them lighter yet stronger than traditional metal alternatives.

The team culture

Roboze offers a workplace that affirms the uniqueness of each individual and allows a setting where they can achieve their professional goals both within the company and across the industry in an increasingly globalized context. Alessio's first hire was in fact a woman, Ilaria Guicciardini, as the CMO of a company that didn’t really exist yet. Ilaria, at the time was a singer and founder of an independent music label. When they met Ilaria was looking for a change of direction and Alessio was looking for someone who could convey his passion to the media. She had marketing and PR experience through her previous business and appreciated my vision right away. Since then, gender and role equality are represented through many of the company's women-led departments, and as a whole, the team is comprised of a vast variety of religions, languages, dialects, and backgrounds all working towards the same vision of innovation and sustainability.

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