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CocoSign offers the easy, quick and safe solution for e-signatures

What is CocoSign?

CocoSign is a renowned secure E-Sign service provider that helps businesses automate their paperwork workflow through a programmable logic signing system.

The current industry landscape

Organizations and people are looking further into the significance of being protected on the web. Thus, CocoSign goes to extra lengths with its e-Signatures, for example, having them verified online. That way, they can't be handily copied by another person who is virtually endorsing. Signing documents is a significant piece of framing a legitimately official arrangement. Nonetheless, in past years, it has never been too helpful. However, today e-signatures are getting quick, simple to make, secured, and direct to apply.

How CocoSign was created

Stephen Curry, CEO of CocoSign, was working as a developer for 5 years, got bored of being restrained in a corporate office so decided to start freelancing as a web developer. It didn't pay well at first, but soon he started getting regular projects. The number of clients began to grow, and the money started to stabilize. However, the e-signing feature idea came across when Stephen wanted to sign an NDA for a remote client but there was not a single viable option available online at that time. Then Stephen started working on his own application and freelance for saving money to launch that application. Initially, that was a lot of work to do, but as time passed by he got the hang of it. He worked days and nights to pull it off and eventually it became a great success. The SaaS e-Signing software came out great and Stephen had saved enough money from his freelance to launch it properly, as well as hired employees to handle it thoroughly.

Since the pandemic, CocoSign have got a huge amount of new customers, as well as businesses who look for its product. Covid has given CocoSign an opportunity to aware people that e-Signing a document has legally binding and is much more efficient than the traditional signatures. Along with tweaking its product for the enhanced consumer experience, CocoSign are finding out more ways to reach potential customers as well as spreading awareness towards them.

Customer experience

CocoSign's customers are saving a lot of money on paper as well as on storage for compiling a huge database of documents with e-Signatures. Moreover, the mobile and go-to e-Siging bulk documents feature is helping them save their time as well. CocoSign are covering a wide range of industries as well individuals related to Health Care, High Tech, Insurance, Law firms, Legal, Real Estate, Human resources, etc.

About the team

CocoSign currently have an asynchronous hybrid workplace, in which it has given its employees the authority to work at their desired time and at their desired place. CocoSign has a great team of Social media marketing specialists, digital marketing specialists, Human Resource personals, operation, and development specialists to improve our product and increase brand visibility.

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