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Cellphone numbers have never been easier to recover, thanks to Numlooker's advanced technology

What is Numlooker?

Numlooker is a company that fosters the online grey pages directory for a sophisticated and accurate crisscross search for individual or company information using cellphone and landline numbers.

The current landscape

The online directory industry is highly growing worldwide. There are over ten sites in the market, with Numlooker's being the only one that offers a free-to-use platform for individuals and companies. Their competition is mainly focused on businesses while Numlooker cater to both, hence their current position in this industry.

Why was Numlooker created?

The business's basic concept was straightforward. Phone numbers are one-of-a-kind and usually traceable. It all started when Lynda, co - founder of Numlooker, realized she had a knack for predicting how people react in various situations. Then she went back to her other passion, which is assisting businesses. When she discovered that many business owners were having difficulty locating the phone numbers of their potential customers, Lynda decided to take action. It was by far the simplest way for her to increase sales and even improve business relationships.

Numlooker was born to fill the void in the online phone directory industry. They aim to create a safe platform for individuals and businesses to manage their data.

Numlooker was born out of the idea that every individual deserves equal access to information. The internet is supposed to be an open, accessible place that levels the playing field. Yet, today's online directories are gated by paywalls and inaccessible search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Customer story

Lynda was able to find information about my cousin who had recently lost his husband. She was able to get in touch with him, and was so glad she did. It was vital for her to let him know that he is not alone and to care for him.

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