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Building the Future of Vocational Education

What NextWork does

NextWork are building the future of vocational education by creating an all in one platform that teaches courses, connects students to industry and helps student land a job. NextWork will have the flexibility of an online course with the prestige of a university or college.

NextWork's Current Landscape

If someone wants to make a career change or land in their dream jobs, they’d either have to spend a few years at university accumulating a loan, or go through an online course like Udemy, which is not respected by industry.

Company Birth Story

NextWork started when it’s founder, Amber Joseph, started getting requests to teach Salesforce to people wanting to make career changes and work in tech. These people wanted the flexibility offered by a tech career, but weren’t in a position where they could spend a few years doing a computer science degree. They also need connections with industry to help them land a job, so online courses were not going to be helpful.

Amber then thought about what if there was a world where anyone who wanted to could change careers at any time and work a job they loved, that also gave them the lifestyle they wanted.

And so, NextWork was born, with the mission to change the world by helping anyone learn vocational skills and land the job they want.

The Solution

The NextWork platform encompasses best in class online courses. These are better than competing online courses as they are produced entirely in-house, with the most talented content creators.

The NextWork community of current students, alumni, mentors and industry connections means that no student is left uncared for, and everyone can be placed into a job.

So far, NextWork are building a cloud training business to help people transition into tech careers, but the long-term focus is very much on all vocational skills and industries: architecture, doctor, lawyer, designer, you name it!

The vision of NextWork is a business that can change the lives of millions around the world. A world where NextWork succeeds is a society where people have access to the jobs and the lifestyle that they want.

A Customer Story

Makini was working as barista for a few years and had already reached the ceiling when it came to her career and her pay. She was burnt out from having to work long hours, been on her feet all day and dealing with customers who can be rude.

After Makini found a job in tech shortly after completing NextWork’s 6 month Salesforce Admin course, despite having no previous tech experience. Very soon, Makini doubled her previous salary and lived the lifestyle she wanted. She could work from home and was even able to visit family back in Canada while working remotely!

"I can honestly say that Zero to 100 has completely changed my life. I now earn double what I used to, and get to design my day how I want" – Makini Calliste-Woollard

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