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Bellezie: A New Era of Transparency in Plastic Surgery

What Bellezie Does

Bellezie is a platform that features a curated selection of trusted aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, and clinics. The main goal of the startup is to bring transparency and safety to the plastic surgery and beauty procedures market.

The Current Landscape

Looking for a doctor can be stressful, as with the development of the Internet, it has become difficult to find the right specialist among many. Take the plastic surgery industry, for example — potential candidates struggle with choosing a surgeon, while skilled doctors may lack efficient marketing tools.

Websites that help you choose a qualified and approved doctor come to the rescue. Inspired by global platforms like Doctoralia, Zocdoc, and Practo, Bellezie focuses solely on plastic surgery, aiming to connect candidates and surgeons worldwide.

Company’s Birth Story

The idea of Bellezie was born out of the surgery horror stories. Choosing the wrong doctor often results in botched surgeries. This is especially critical in Brazil, a leading country in the field of plastic surgery.

Such an abundance of skilled professionals in Brazil creates a paradox of choice, leaving patients overwhelmed and unsure. This dread of choosing the “perfect fit” and the frustration of finding proof of a doctor’s qualifications inspired a mission — to minimize such tragedies.

The founders envisioned a platform named Bellezie, where choosing a plastic surgeon wouldn't be a gamble, but a well-informed decision.

The Solution

With Bellezie, people can make informed choices and safely connect with skilled surgeons without any hesitation.

Managing social media can be a time-consuming task for doctors. Bellezie offers a solution by encouraging them to create profiles on the platform, allowing doctors to showcase their credentials, experience, detailed articles with cases, and contacts.

As a result, doctors can establish an online presence, while potential candidates have easy access to verified detailed doctor profiles, with an option to book consultations.

Team Culture

The team actively fosters relationships with doctors worldwide, conducting interviews with valuable insights for the platform's users. A three-step doctor evaluation may seem troublesome, but there is no simpler way to ensure a doctor’s integrity, otherwise, the team might be responsible for someone's ruined life.

To be a part of Bellezie, surgeons must meet certain criteria. They must have strong peer recommendations, verified credentials, and positive patient feedback. But for a truly unbiased review, the team also gathers insights from other doctors, anesthesiologists, patients, and independent experts.

The platform operates on a commission basis, taking a share from consultations and surgeries facilitated through the platform. This structure ensures Bellezie's success is tied to the success of doctors on the platform. In other words, if a doctor doesn't generate income, Bellezie doesn't earn either.

Founder’s Quote

“When it comes to human lives, there is no room for error. Undergoing plastic surgery carries irreversible consequences, and unfortunately, some unscrupulous doctors out there see human life as a mere product. At Bellezie, we are committed to changing the beauty market by promoting transparency and safety.”

— Vlad Kuzmuk, the Head of Product at Bellezie

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