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Articulate clearer with Rephrase Media

What is Rephrase Media

Rephrase Media develops cutting edge AI applications to help students practice articulating themselves through writing.

The purpose of Rephrase Media

Education technology is changing rapidly, largely due to advances in AI. It is now possible to meaningfully augment teachers and tutors and scale learning services at very low cost. Rephrase Media is an environment where learners will win, having access to lower cost and higher quality services as time goes on.

About the founder

Matthew Ramirez started his work in education ten years ago as a writing instructor at UC Berkeley and founded his first Edtech company, WriteLab, eight years ago. At the time AI was just starting to take off, and they were able to provide students with meaningful feedback on their writing. Matthew grew and sold that business to Chegg, where he worked for three years as the Director of Product Management, overseeing AI products before leaving to start another project in education.

Creation of Rephrase Media

Matthew is now working on a much more advanced solution, which provides students with AI generated variations of their own thoughts, so they can learn through highly relevant examples, which is how they learn best. The service, simply called Paraphrase Tool, is completely free, with 15 paraphrasing modes in over 100 languages, including the options to simplify, clarify, smooth, and correct errors in their writing; additionally, as further examples, they can choose to make their writing more diplomatic, academic, or formal, as their preferences and needs might be. Paraphrase tool has only been live for two months, but has seen over 10x growth each month and is now serving over a thousand users a day.

The team

The culture of our team is long-term, mutually respectful, and mutually beneficial. The three team members are equal owner operators and each has deep experience and many years of learnings to bring to this operation.


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