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Armadillo welcomes a new age of home warranty

What is Armadillo?

Armadillo Home Solutions, a new-age home warranty provider. Armadillo offers affordable, subscription-based protection for when appliances and systems break down in your home, and ensures that repairing or replacing is uncomplicated and hassle-free.

Current industry landscape

Current home warranty offerings oftentimes have lengthy contracts that are difficult to read, can be confusing to the customer, and have large gaps of what’s actually covered. When your appliance breaks down, filing a claim can be difficult, and you have a high chance of the claim being denied.

The creation of Armadillo

The idea behind Armadillo started with founders Lansdon Robbins and Matan Slagter. Robbins, the chairman of Armadillo, is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, including Accent Marketing, Service Net Solutions, and PetFirst Healthcare, with the latter being acquired by MetLife in early 2020. Slagter, the CEO of the new entity, is the former Head of Market Disruption at AIG. Robbins and Slagter identified an opportunity to build a modern home warranty solution that better serves consumers.

How does Armadillo work?

That’s where Armadillo comes in. They’ve created a process of repairing or replacing stuff that breaks in your home that’s easy, fast, and convenient. An Armadillo home warranty contract is only three pages long and all claims can be filed through their online portal- no need to call and wait.

About the team

Armadillo’s tech-centered mentality is helped by the fact that they utilize Slingshot as their technology partner, meaning that Slingshot is their technology division. “We knew we didn’t want to bring on developers or a CTO on our first day,” Says Matan Slagter, CEO of Armadillo. “If you get that hire wrong, you could miss hitting key milestones early on when it’s crucial to get your product market fit right..” When asked why they went with Slingshot, Slagter responded “We had great first-hand experience with Slingshot on another project, and knew they would deliver. And to add, Slingshot’s culture deeply resonated with us. They are an extension of the Armadillo family. ”

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