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Ajust: A New Platform That Makes It Easy to Resolve Customer Complaints

What Ajust does

Ajust is a platform for consumers to resolve complaints with businesses. Consumers who have a bad experience with a business can visit Ajust’s website and share their story. Ajust then uses generative AI to create a complaint that will get heard – and resolved – by the business involved. Ajust sends the complaint and offers a range of additional support, like a tracking dashboard and actions get better and faster outcomes. Ajust is currently available for complaints about businesses in Australia and has plans to expand globally.

The Current Landscape

Ajust is creating a completely new ecosystem for resolving customer complaints. The current situation is that customers generally try to resolve complaints themselves (or sometimes don’t even bother). The customer needs to navigate the customer service process of each particular business. Businesses use tools like Zendesk or Intercom. Ajust is one place consumers can go and use the same simple process to make a complaint about any business.

Company Birth Story

Ajust was founded by Tom Kaldor. Tom was a consumer lawyer for a top corporate law firm, worked for a judge on Australia’s top court and was Head of Product at Australia's leading legal services startup, LegalVision. Ajust builds on Tom’s experience at LegalVision, where he developed tech-driven legal solutions for businesses.

The idea for Ajust came from helping friends and family with common consumer issues – like returning faulty products or making insurance claims. Every consumer faces these challenges, but they often take lots of effort to solve. Ajust is aiming to take the pain out of complaints for consumers. By doing so, Ajust is also helping businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers.

The Solution

Ajust wants to become the place that every consumer goes to resolve complaints with any business. The company is working towards that vision by taking a fresh approach to customer complaints that is positive, practical and product-led. The startup has already had some great success, helping hundreds of consumers make and resolve complaints with over 200 businesses. Ajust has received funding from VC Carthona Capital and was part of the AWS generative AI accelerator.

A Customer Story

Ajust has helped with complaints valued from $6 to $60,000 and covering a broad range of issues, from bank fees to internet outages. The company has over 150 Google Reviews. A recent review said: “The matter was resolved in a few days. I highly recommend Ajust.”

The Team Culture

Ajust’s core team of 4 loves creating unique traditions, like “reverse giving”: when it’s a team member’s birthday, they are given a budget to arrange a gift for other team members

A founder quote

Ajust’s founder, Tom Kaldor says: “At Ajust, we understand that things go wrong; businesses will make mistakes and customers will make complaints. What we care about is resolving those complaints easily, so everyone can get back to building strong customer relationships.”

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