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AI-Powered Healthcare: Redefining the Physician Experience

Who is Ambula Health?

Ambula Health is building the next generation of digital health software to help doctors, nurses, administrators, and healthcare professionals develop workflows and streamline tasks with the help of automation and AI. Helping surgery centers & doctor offices eliminate mundane tasks and allow them to focus on patient care.

The current digital healthcare landscape

Digital healthcare technology is broken. The average doctor spends about 16 minutes on an EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) system per patient encounter, reviewing patient information, writing notes, and creating orders. That is time being spent away from the patient. Most of that work can be automated using AI, and there has been tremendous buzz around AI with speech-to-text and image recognition. That being said, rarely are they being implemented at scale due to the fragmented healthcare landscape. Many digital healthcare companies don't think holistically about how their solution and how should fit into a physician's workflow. That is why many doctors use various tools for a single patient encounter.

The inception of Ambula Health

Ambula Health came to start working with surgery centers in Los Angeles, helping them go from paper to digital. Many surgery centers used 30+ pages of paper per patient chart…generating hundreds of charts monthly.

Ambula's founders spent years working hand in hand with each surgeon, nurse, administrator, and patient to understand how to improve their workflow experience. The solution? There is none. Everyone wants to build their own way of working, forms, charts, surveys, reports, and the list goes on. That means each person or office gets a personalized workflow of how they want to practice. This was the inception of Ambula Health.

What does Ambula Health do?

Ambula Health allows healthcare professionals to do just that. They offer various components through patient chart builders, workflow builders, automation, and more. They are working on creating machine learning models that will help with task management, order suggestions, dictation, and summarizing data.

Ambula Health is different because it does not tell doctors what to do, but doctors tell it how they want to work.

Their platform considers the whole patient and physician experience, end to end. The moment the patient schedules a visit, the visit itself, after the holiday, and billing.

Ambula Health seeks to change how people work in healthcare, allowing them to personalize how they want to work using the latest tech and AI.

The team

Ambula's team comprises innovative engineers, healthcare operators, and UX designers. Together they work on applying design thinking frameworks to listen to the various stakeholders involved in providing patient care and, as a result, deliver solutions and experiences they love.

Founder Quote

Khalil Jammal, Co-Founder of Ambula Health, says, "Healthcare companies focus on personalizing patient experiences but do not focus enough on physician experiences. Creating a better work environment for people in healthcare means improved care for all."

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