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A faster way to be creative with Viewst

What is Viewst

Viewst is a creative management tool for media teams, whose main goal is to speed up the ad production process to enable media teams to launch their campaigns on time.

The Current Landscape

The market is on fire, with new players joining every month and others getting large investments or acquired. There have been several deals just this year: Walmart has acquired Thunder and Genius Sports has acquired Spirable to name a few. Everyone is racing to get a piece of the future of ad production. Big companies and global media houses don’t have resources and time to build in-house. To keep the pace they are constantly looking for solutions to partner with or to acquire. And there is a clear reason for this: the system has accumulated a lot of data. Brands know a lot about their prospects and existing users. They want to speak personally, rather than irritate and distract. To be able to do this, brands need to have a content factory to generate banners and videos on the fly.

Why Viewst was created

Victoria, the founder of Viewst, first started at a marketing agency. She wanted to create the most tech-enabled agency to help AdTech. While scaling this to a million, she built other tech tools, but nothing compared to the idea of Viewst. She saw firsthand how hard it was to scale her creativity and knew that everyone would have this problem in the future. Lots of times agencies get digital assets at the very last minute and have to create dozens of banners overnight to launch campaigns on time. Not fun!

Scaling was one part of the equation. Another one was communication within the team and with clients. It was all about horrifyingly long and convoluted email threads to get final approval. That was a disaster.

That’s how she ended up with Viewst idea, a workspace that allows you to create, collaborate and launch ads at scale.

How Viewst works

The vision is to create the operating system for creative production and offer personalized auto-created ads for media teams.

Production is the least automated part of AdTech that slows down the transition to the new era of hyper-targeted and super-relevant advertising. Viewst's ambition is to bring algorithm-driven design to digital ad space. With Viewst, media teams can quickly edit, copy, remove a background or design a creative A/B test without the hassle of going back to the design team. It became possible with the most simple editor and workspace, where team members can collaborate on designs and get approvals.

Viewst's growth

Viewst launched its service to the public back in April 2020. Over the year it has attracted to the platform more than 7,000 users from 107 countries and initiated pilots with such global media houses as Havas Group and Dentsu, to name a few. check them out:

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