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You don't have to be a tax expert. That's our job - Luminary Taxes

What the company does?

Luminary Taxes preparer Tax Returns for small business owners and individual Taxpayers. Luminary Taxes assist with minimizing Tax liabilities, such as IRS audits, Tax relief payment plans and avoiding wage garnishments. Luminary Taxes specialize in Business Tax preparation with Profit and Loss statements, General ledgers, Bank Reconciliation and Budget planning.

The Current Landscape

A lot of Tax companies exaggerate numbers and try to prove to others and themselves why they are the best in the industry for that particular moment. Most Tax companies feed of competition from social media outlets and news reports. Luminary Taxes is the opposite, our competition is ourselves, we feed off longevity numbers and future success and generational wealth. Luminary Taxes stand out because of consistent “word of mouth” from repeat Tax refund clientele. The owner Elizabeth Gordon enjoys crunching numbers and handling all accounting aspect of small business owners. Elizabeth meets with her clients, monthly or quarterly depending on scope of the client and their business needs to make sure business runs smoothly and operate with low overhead and a profitable year end. Other Tax companies only see their clients during Tax season, NOT Luminary Taxes, they are here for you every step of the way.

Company Birth Story

Luminary Taxes started in 2008 it was homebased in Chicago Illinois and continues at College at Carbondale IL.. Luminary means " a person of prominence, shine or brilliant achievement" The perfect name for a growing this Company!  What started off as a hobby, turned into a Full Tax Company, headquarters are located in Atlanta Financial Center in the heart of Atlanta Georgia, Buckhead Area. At first, it was just a way to make extra money while being in College at Southern University, Elizabeth started doing taxes for graduate students who were know longer filing tax returns with their parents. Elizabeth started on campus and then as word of mouth spread, She was doing small business taxes for Cosmetologist, Engineers and Daycare providers.

At that time, Friends, Family and students trusted Elizabeth with their Tax returns because of the great tax refunds they received back. Elizabeth was becoming more and more knowledgeable every year with doing taxes However, at that time Elizabeth was not licensed, she was not a legal tax preparer, She’s not a CPA. She had experienced her fair share of losses and audits with clients and her reputation seem to tarnish. after graduation Elizabeth started to focus on the Engineer field. She worked for some amazing Engineering Firms and earned many monetary accolades. She was introduced to Top Structural and Mechanical Engineers who were looking for Accountants to do their monthly Billing. Eager for the opportunity to join an Engineering Firm, she accepted the offer and start assisting with million dollar project billing for Design Engineers. Elizabeth start spreading the word about her restart-up business Luminary Taxes. Elizabeth’ first six figure clientele was a structural engineer in the oil and gas business. From then Elizabeth clientele grew every year and she knew it was time to focus on becoming her own boss. Years Later, Elizabeth is now a certified Tax Accountant and Notary, She is the owner and Founder of Luminary Taxes and currently has 4 employees. Elizabeth Company Luminary Taxes was ranked #40 in 2021 Tax year overcoming the pandemic and receiving more than 1.7million dollars in profit.

A Customer Story

Luminary Taxes is a family based, it is changing the lives of first time small business owners who require that close relationship with an experienced Tax preparer who can sit down and meet with business owners anytime not just during tax time. Luminary Taxes is the NEXT up and coming growing business to look up out for 2023.

A founder quote

“We flip coins to make cents” contact Luminary Taxes TODAY! We leave nothing on the table, change is accepted.

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