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Yaala Sparkling: Indigenous-Owned Sparkling Water Brand Shaking Up the Beverage Industry

What Yaala Sparkling does

Yaala Sparkling is an Indigenous-owned native flavoured sparkling water business

The Current Landscape

The non-alcoholic and better for you beverage industry is experiencing exponential growth. People are increasingly looking for healthier and more refreshing alternatives to sugary drinks. Some of the key trends are the rise of healthier beverages, a growth in popularity of sparkling water and an increasing demand for premium beverages that are made with high quality ingredients.

Company Birth Story

The Founder of Yaala Sparkling, Tara is a proud Wiradjuri yinaa and in her language 'yaala' means 'the present moment'. She created Yaala Sparkling to respectfully share and bring to life the ancient flavours of our land in a modern drink for everyone to enjoy and connect over.

When Tara started to notice non-Indigenous businesses using native plant knowledge in their products, she then discovered Indigenous representation in the native food supply chain is less than 1.5% and economic benefits weren’t returning to the community. The fire in her was lit to turn the tables and show up in this space. Blak businesses start with a collective, sustainable and community driven approach. This is more than a drink - it represents participation, equity and self determination.

The Solution

Yaala Sparkling is devoted to making vibrant beverages that honour the true flavours our Ancestors have enjoyed for generations. Tara believes in sustainable growth, from the plants we use, to their business practice. Yaala works with Indigenous wild harvesters and local farmers to create healthy beverages with benefits. They're sugar free, low calories and have no artificial colours or preservatives, making it a healthy choice for any occasion.

A founder quote

"This is more than a drink - it represents participation, equity and self determination."

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