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With 10Web Agencies Scale Their Business, And Optimize Workflow

What is 10Web?

10Web is an automated WordPress platform that automates website hosting and building with AI. The platform simplifies and accelerates the entire process of creating and managing a website, meeting the needs of website building for beginners, professional developers, and in-between. It makes the migration of any website to cloud an easy and seamless experience.

The current industry landscape

WordPress remains the world’s most popular CMS, and as of 2021, powers 39.6% of the internet, which is a nearly 5% growth from 2020. Tens of millions of WordPress websites are built every yearwith over 80% of them by agencies. WordPress is powerful and customizable, which is why professionals love it, but a lot of aspects in its workflow are manual and time consuming. 10Web responded to this challenge with automation and built a platform that allows agencies to scale their businesses. 10Web continues to make the best of WordPress and optimize its workflow, saving agencies countless hours of hard work.

The main competitors of 10Web are managed WordPress hosting platforms, including Kinsta and WP Engine. However, 10Web prides itself on its innovative approach to WordPress hosting, as it’s different from regular managed hosting providers because it’s an automated WordPress platform. What this means is that website building, and hosting are made so simple that it’s accessible to absolutely everyone. The automation of key web development processes such as migration, backup, speed and SEO optimization, website building, and more, makes it possible for anyone to create a stunning and fully functional website in a matter of minutes. And 10Web is so much more than just good hosting; it’s an end-to-end platform for site creation, maintenance, and all website-related jobs agencies have.

How 10Web Started

10Web’s story started back in 2011 when a small team of engineers led by Arto Minasyan established a WordPress plugin company that grew into a successful business with 1M users. This experience helped Arto, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Krisp, and his team identify the biggest problems in web development and create an all-in-one solution.

10Web is a new product category of automated WordPress platformthe next level of managed WordPress hosting. By setting out to solve the challenges associated with web development, 10Web focuses on three main areas to effectively automate the workflow of users, and in particular, agencies:

  • AI Website Builder: 10Web’s AI Builder automates site creation. Users can enter the URL of any website in the world and get a WordPress website with the same design built by algorithms powered by neural networks. This is all done without copying a single line of the original site's code. The resulting website hosted on 10Web is responsive, customizable, and optimized. Websites from other blogging platforms like Wix or Squarespace can also be migrated in just a matter of minutes. This also enables agencies to create cost-optimized demo sites to showcase to their clients.

  • Automated 90+ PageSpeed Score: A high page speed score is crucial for a website to rank higher on Google, but the average site on the web has a PageSpeed score between 40 to 50. All websites hosted on 10Web automatically get a 90+ PageSpeed score, allowing them to rank higher and improve ad conversions.. This solution makes websites super fast without complicated and time-consuming set-ups or configurations. Plus, migrating a site to the platform and benefitting from this guaranteed 90+ PageSpeed Score is really just a few clicks away.

  • Automated hosting: 10Web’s automated web hosting is powered by Google Cloud, and includes an automated management dashboard for site updates, backups, security scans, and more. 10Web’s automated hosting saves agencies countless hours of hard work and allows them to manage their customers and websites easily.

10Web also utilizes next generation infrastructure, including Google Cloud’s best servers and SSDs, Nginx, FastCGI caching, LXD containers, and the newest version of PHP. The platform provides all these premium features at the price of shared hosting: one hosted website costs $10/month.

In the two years since 10Web’s automated platform was officially launched, it now hosts thousands of websites and has received a $2M funding round from Sierra Ventures and AI Fund.

Most recently, the 10Web team launched the first phase of their much-awaited Client Management, a workspace that allows users to collaborate and co-work in real time.

Customer experience

iBeFound International Ltd. in New Zealand has been using 10Web to host their clients as well as some of their own websites. Dale, a director and one of the co-founders of the company, initially decided to work with 10Web to manage nearly 100 websites his company worked with. He’s exceptionally pleased with the easy and seamless migration process 10Web offers, with a helpful team that was prepared to assist him every step of the way.

Once the websites were migrated to 10Web’s platform, the ease of management for all websites was a welcome surprise for Dale. The 10Web interface enables users to make updates without having to log into each individual websitesaving many hours of work when managing nearly 100 websites!

Dale says. “I am very happy with our decision to move to 10Web and look forward to making use of other features of 10Web’s platform, including their AI Web Builder.”

The team culture

The 10Web team includes eight PhDs, 34 engineers, as well as machine learning scientists, security professionals, developers, customer care specialists with engineering skills, and much more. 10Web’s ability to bring its solutions to life and make a lasting impact in the world of web hosting is due to its incredible and passionate team.

10Web’s core team loves a challenge and is constantly turning ideas into action that further optimize the user experience. Despite all the changes and uncertainty 2020 brought, including nationwide lockdowns, the 10Web team faced these challenges together head-on, finding creative and innovative ways to brainstorm, create, and motivate each other.

"As the CEO of an IT company with intensive experience in science and technology, my vision is to automate WordPress by providing the ultimate, no-code experience for the entire website development life-cycle. To bring this vision to life, it takes a great company culture combined with an exceptional team of talented people who have the perseverance to turn ideas and experience into innovation. That's what makes the 10Web team so extraordinary – in the ordinary world of web development," says Tigran Nazaryan, co-founder & CEO of 10Web.

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