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Kandiid App Allows Creators to Build and Monetize their Network

The Current Landscape

In the past 10 years, the entertainment landscape has taken on a facelift in the

way creatives interact and communicate with fans. For many creatives, the changes in society have forced the narrative of reaching the masses to more creative measures.  Social media platforms have propelled as the number one alternative to traditional advertising by offering instant gratification without the

assistance of PR, directors, and even attorneys.

In today’s entertainment industry, a creative is only as strong as his/her network of friends, fans, and followers. At Kandiid, they understand the premise of building a network. That’s why Kandiid and its ingenious team of talented professionals set out to build a platform that transforms the norm by providing not only what “creatives" want, but need to be successful.

Company Birth Story

After developing the App “Spornado”, Founder Antoine McLaughlin came up with the idea of creating Kandiid in 2018 as a social networking marketplace app to give creatives resources to monetize their artwork.  Along with college friend Tyler Roper, the vision was put to work with the design of the initial features and functionality for the app. The Kandiid app's initial release to the public was in October 2021.

The Solution

Kandiid is the social marketplace platform for creatives. Whether it be a musician with millions of followers, athlete, or perhaps an artist whom just finished a masterpiece, Kandiid provides the users with the resources to catalog, post, and monetize from the content. Set a monetary value, and publish your work for the masses to view and purchase in a secure, user friendly interface that reports, tracks, and collects the profits for your ease.

Kandiid is the future of innovation and advancement in technology. Kandiid is scheduled to roll-out new updates in the 4th quarter of 2022, which will infuse future technology with trending features to enhance the lives of everyday users. Kandiid operates with some of the same features as a traditional social media app. The user(s) can follow, like, and share content; however, what makes Kandiid unique is the “Klub” feature that allows users the ability to enter a marketplace of endless possibilities. The platform is a safe haven of expression and creativity.

The Team Culture

The work culture at Kandiid is quite unorthodox. Like the app itself, the work structure is a combination of everyday people from diverse backgrounds and cultures converging in a matchbox to play a live version of a food fight in an elementary cafeteria. The Kandiid team loves, fight, and bleed in the effort to create the next BIG thing to push the culture forward ~ Lamont “Renzo” Bracy

A Founder quote

Kandiid is the hope, idea, and vision of prosperity carried out! Kandiid places everyday users behind the wheel, while supplying the fuel to control the narrative. Kandiid enables creator’s, by providing resources to Socialize + Monetize. ~Antoine McLaughlin

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