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Verensics: Transforming the Way Companies Hire and Investigate

What Verensics Does

Verensics evaluates the life cycle of personnel risk to address challenges related to pre- employment screening and vetting, insider threat detection, and internal workplace investigations. They do this through a B2B SaaS online interview platform that mimics a face to face interview with an Industrial Psychologist or experienced corporate investigator. They allow HR teams, corporate investigators, and Insider Threat teams to get to know their workforce in the most professional and time efficient way. The results are remarkable, because when you hire ethical and trustworthy people it pays dividends for a long time.

The Current Landscape

Almost all companies use criminal background checks to screen candidates, which is an outdated and ineffective approach resulting in continued and increased workplace crime and misconduct. For example, 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer (Source: steal). The problem with using background checks is that most workplace crime is not reported for prosecution because companies want to avoid legal challenges and reputational hits, so there is no record of most workplace crimes.

An interview is the most valuable tool to understand a person’s character, but most people in the position of hiring and vetting candidates are not prepared to interview candidates or employees about past criminal habits or behaviors. It takes a Ph.D. in I-O Psychology to properly navigate this discussion. Therefore hiring managers and HR teams struggle identifying future insiders. Verensics is the only software platform that gives any company the ability to effectively screen employees.

Company Birth Story

Co-Founders Russ Law and Yariv Lis started Verensics in 2017 after working with companies that struggled to vet candidates for misconduct using criminal background checks. Both experienced investigative interviewers, Law and Lis recognized the power of interviews to understand a person’s character, ethics, and trustworthiness. They also recognized that most companies didn’t have the in-house resources to handle that conversation. In founding Verensics, they developed a way for businesses and government agencies to use technology to make that kind of conversation within reach for anyone conducting a pre-hire (or post-hire) interview.

The Solution

The best way to get to know a candidate or employee is through a structured interview. Traditionally there just wasn't enough time or resources for hiring managers to spend quality time with all of their potential candidates. Verensics allows companies to interview multiple candidates or employees at the same time and from any location in just 10 to 15 minutes. The interview reports are generated immediately upon completion of the interview, and hiring managers use this information to have meaningful conversations with candidates that get directly to the point. They will know if this candidate fits into the company culture and be able to ask follow up questions that are relevant and helpful when deciding if the candidate is the right fit for the position. This leads to faster and more informed hiring decisions, as well as investigations closed faster with less business disruption, reduced work hours, lower travel time, and reduced expenses. Verensics is like having access to a team of industrial psychologists and corporate investigators at a fraction of the price.

A founder quote

“My philosophy on pre-employment vetting is straightforward – a solid, structured interview focused on ethical attitudes and involvement in misconduct/crime. I say "straightforward," but in reality it is not within reach for most organizations – because most people aren't trained to facilitate that kind of interview. We've made a lot of headway over the last few years to get HR people to see beyond the status quo of their current approach.” - Russ Law

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