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Unprecedented Inclusive Approach to Unlock Sustainable High Performance

What Koboda does

FlowMasters is the flagship initiative of Koboda Pty Ltd, a professional development company. It unlocks sustainable high performance with a unique combination of strategic consulting skills and professional development methods to focus, prioritize, and communicate effectively.

The Current Landscape

Studies show that 40% of global employees report feeling worry or stress a lot of the day. Globally there is a U$322 billion cost due to lost productivity and turnover. FlowMasters addresses the growing concern about staff wellbeing in corporate organizations, without compromising productivity.

Company Birth Story

In the last decade, Evelien Scherp worked as a strategy consultant, project leader, and professional development expert across the world.

She worked for eight years at Boston Consulting Group as strategy consultant, project leader, and team performance coach. While growing her career, Evelien figured out her passion for professional development and became a certified speaker, trainer, and coach. This passion led to her focus on expanding her own company.

FlowMasters had already been in the making for years. After Evelien experienced burnout halfway through her career, she experimented with different strategies and learned what success and wellbeing meant to her. As a project leader, mentor, and coach she observed that this looks different for everyone.

Combining her passion and skills in professional development, her experience as a successful leader in a high performing corporate organization, and her personal values of creation, authenticity, and contribution makes Evelien uniquely positioned to equip professionals to be successful as the best versions of themselves.

The Solution

FlowMasters equips professionals to prioritize, communicate and focus their time and energy effectively and adjust to changing circumstances. It has three unique features:

1. Inclusive approach. In order to make a team successful, you need to make every individual on the team successful. Each professional has their own definition of success and unique wellbeing needs. FlowMasters helps professionals recognize and understand their needs, communicate about these effectively, and apply strategies and tools that help them meet their needs for success and wellbeing.

2. Based on real-life experience. FlowMasters move away from conceptual, impersonal theory. Even though all the relevant academic research and studies are consulted and embedded in the learning, FlowMasters makes the themes of success, wellbeing and balance REAL and practical. Over 30 global leaders and professionals have contributed their stories and insights to FlowMasters.

3. Action and results-focused. Awareness is the first step. But without taking action, it will not actually change experiences. FlowMasters offers a range of products to suit the needs of different organizations: in-person or online workshops, training series, an online course, and the book. Participants get all the tools and examples to start taking action straight away, delivering quick results.

The book FlowMasters for Professionals launches on 5 December 2023. Through real-life insights, fundamental research, practical strategies and stories of 30+ global leaders and professionals, the book takes you through nine common themes on the journey to be successful as the best version of yourself.

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