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Unlocking the Power of Soil Biology: Biome Makers' BeCrop Technology Redefines Farming

What Biome Makers does

Biome Makers empowers the agri-food ecosystem to connect soil biology to agricultural decision-making, supporting healthy soil and nutrient-dense crops. Biome Makers’ patented BeCrop Technology combines advanced genomics, microbial network science, and machine learning to provide insights into specific functions being performed by the entire soil microbiome.

Biome Makers Current Landscape

The agriculture industry is experiencing a rapid transformation driven by technological advances and changing consumer preferences. Soil technology plays a key role in this, as farmers increasingly turn to innovative solutions to improve soil functionality, reduce input costs, and boost overall productivity.

Biome Makers Birth Story

Founded in the Bay Area of California in 2015, Biome Makers focused on providing biological soil insights to vineyards but has now expanded to work with farmers in over 170+ different crops, covering multiple cropping systems in 45 countries.

The Solution

Biome Makers' BeCrop technology uses DNA sequencing and machine learning to identify the species and functions of soil microorganisms, revealing biological interactions. The soil biology analysis allows for comparison across space and time, informing management decisions by providing insights into a farmland's underground bioactivity. These insights can help investigate the microbial community's relationship with nutrient potential, inputs, yield, and plant health.

Beyond other companies focusing on species-specific metagenomic approaches, BeCrop uses amplicon sequencing, patented ecological analysis, and machine learning to predict how microbes will function and interact based on decades of compiled research. This provides a more detailed understanding of the ecological dynamics of the soil microbiome.

To date, over 550,000 hectares of land have conducted biological soil testing using BeCrop. BeCrop Technology has empowered 15,000+ farmers to become more regenerative, decrease agrochemical usage by 20%, and increase carbon sequestration by 15%.

A Customer Story

“By analyzing the specific characteristics of my soil, Biome Makers provides context for developing a customized plan to optimize my ground. It is important to recognize that neighboring fields may have different conditions and therefore require different approaches. With their help, I am able to take a more targeted approach to farming, maximizing the success of my farm.” - Matt Rasmussen, 5th Generation Corn and Soybean Farmer, Rasmussen Farms, Nebraska, USA

The Team Culture

Biome Makers comprises 70 environmentalists from various backgrounds who have come together to build a more sustainable world. Biome Makers' team intersects soil science, agriculture, business, ecology, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, computer science, and ecoinformatics and represents 18 different nationalities.

A founder quote

"Technology has become an indispensable tool for confronting environmental concerns like overpopulation, climate change, and food insecurity. Boosting crop yields sustainably to feed the planet today and for future generations to come has taken on a level of urgency never before seen in human history. Biome Makers has made it our mission to meet this challenge, developing the technology to change how farmers interact with soil, processing massive data inputs, identifying and decoding patterns, and then interpolating this data into human action." - Alberto Acedo, PhD., Co-founder and CSO at Biome Makers

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