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Unlocking Legal Simplicity

What FormsPal does

Imagine a world where creating legal documents is as easy as a few clicks. With FormsPal's extensive free database and form builder by subscription, that world is now a reality for many businesses and individuals.

The Current Landscape

The legal industry is experiencing significant disruption due to the rise of online form builders and legal service platforms. These platforms democratize access to basic legal forms, integrate advanced customization features, and offer seamless workflows through integration with other legal tech tools. However, they face challenges related to regulatory scrutiny, potential accuracy issues, and resistance from the traditional legal sector. Despite these challenges, the intersection of technology and law promises increased affordability and accessibility, pushing some law firms to explore hybrid solutions combining tech with traditional legal consultation.

Company Birth Story

Mike Chappell, co-founder and CEO of FormsPal, has always strived to simplify complex processes. He noticed that quite a few people he knew, including small business owners, needed help with various legal forms and often paid exorbitant fees for basic contracts and agreements. Drawing from his background in Business and Finance, he envisioned a platform that democratized access to these essential resources. FormsPal was born from this vision — a straightforward, user-friendly platform offering free fillable legal forms. Starting with just a few basic templates and a dream, Mike and his co-founders scaled the platform, making the daunting world of legal paperwork accessible and affordable. To Mike, FormsPal isn’t just a business; it's a solution to a problem he saw too many facing, and he's proud of how far it’s come.

The Solution

Mike often says, "We're not just building a tool; we're crafting an experience." At its core, FormsPal aims to make legal documentation a hassle-free journey. While there are other platforms that offer legal templates, what sets FormsPal apart is its intuitive, step-by-step assistance, making users feel like they have a guiding hand throughout. The company's investment in user education, with easily digestible content around complex legalities, further distinguishes it from competitors. Success has been evident, not just in numbers but in the stories of small businesses that have flourished using FormsPal’s resources. For Mike, the vision is clear: to make FormsPal synonymous with accessible legal guidance, ensuring no one feels lost or overwhelmed when faced with the maze of legal paperwork. He envisions a future where FormsPal is the go-to companion for any individual or business navigating legal terrain.

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