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Twipes wipes out plastic pollution

What the Twipes does

Twipes produces the world’s first truly flushable, biodegradable, and plastic-free wet wipes, helping to tackle blockage and plastic pollution issues everywhere. Twipes fully disperse in water in just 3 hours and break down in landfills in 7 days. Made from all-natural ingredients, Twipes never cause environmental harm.

The Current Landscape

Currently, ‘flushable’ and ‘biodegradable’ are buzzwords in the wet wipe industry, yet there’s limited regulation surrounding who can and can’t use these terms. As a result, brands can use them to appear more sustainable than they actually are. Wipes are often labelled ‘flushable’ because they pass through a toilet into the plumbing system, whilst in reality they do not break down in water at all, blocking pipes further down the line. Similarly, some wipes are labelled ‘biodegradable’ despite taking several months to break down, polluting the natural environment and harming wildlife in the meantime.

Company Birth Story

The idea behind the brand came about in the spring of 2015, when Twipes’s co-founders Alborz Bozorgi and Ellenor McIntosh sat down for brunch with a mutual friend. This friend revealed that he had blocked his toilet three times so far that year - in February! He was shocked this kept happening, given that he’d been using ‘flushable’ wipes. Following this, the pair decided to use their respective skills to create a truly flushable product.

The Solution

Twipes is on a mission to reduce plastic pollution across the globe. With over 11 billion wet wipes used each year, the environmental benefits of completely eliminating plastic from this industry would be huge. Most wet wipes contain plastics that take hundreds of years to decompose, polluting our oceans and beaches, harming our marine life, and releasing microplastics into our water systems in the meantime. Wet wipes also contribute to the build-up of fatbergs in our pipes, forming masses of waste matter that lead to serious blockage issues. It is estimated by Water UK that 93% of all blockages in the UK originate from wipes, causing widespread inconvenience and exacerbating flash flooding events. Whilst there are other plastic-free wipes on the market, Twipes’s revolutionary flushable technology means they break down 99% faster in water than competitor wipes. Resultantly, pollution and blockage issues are solved much more effectively by Twipes than by other wipes that take longer to break down.

Wet wipes represent just the beginning of where this flushable technology can be taken. Whilst the wipes are an exciting flagship product, the Twipes team’s long-term vision involves the creation of further flushable toiletries, including feminine hygiene products and nappies. The team envisions a world in which plastic pollution and blockage issues are things of the past and believes it can truly make a difference in achieving this.

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