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Turning Passion into Profit: Your Opportunity to Teach

What does is an all-in-one platform for educators to design organized and engaging online courses. With seamless messaging, course builders can interact with students, schedule Zoom meetings, and foster a collaborative community. offers intuitive lesson editing, and unlimited course capabilities, empowering teachers to transform their expertise into interactive online content.

The Current Landscape

In the fast-evolving creator economy, platforms like are revolutionizing how people learn and share knowledge. From urban gardening to video game design, allows passionate experts to share their unique skills, and not only participate in the creator economy but also the emerging gig economy.

James has witnessed courses that have raked in an impressive 75-100 thousand dollars per month. It's evident that there's real money to be made from sharing expertise.

The world of e-learning is vast. From 'how to apply lashes', and ‘how to stop drinking’ to 'how to wheelie motorbikes', there's something for everyone.

"If you've got a skill, especially one you can freelance, you can teach it on," says James. also offers coaching programs for educators, guiding them to identify a product and take it from idea to execution.

Company Birth Story

A Personal Journey Fuels a Universal Vision

Behind is James Watts, a staunch believer in self-education. Having left formal education at the age of 13, James's primary source of learning was online platforms. "Much of what I know today, I've learned online," he admits. It was during his own experience as an online instructor that he recognized the scattered nature of e-learning platforms. Juggling various platforms like Facebook, Teachable, Telegram, and Slack while running his course felt incredibly disorganized. "I found it messy to manage students across multiple platforms,” he recalls. Thus, the idea for was born.

The Solution’s Vision

The essence of is not just about providing course content. It stands as a community-first e-learning platform. "Many people buy courses but never use them. Our platform's community focus pushes and supports people to actively engage," James emphasizes. Its integrated approach, offering everything from course creation to community-building, sets it apart. For James, the ability to bring everything under one roof was key. “There wasn't any platform that integrated everything, so I decided to create one," he shares.

E-Learning Reimagined: It's All About Community

According to James, the future of e-learning will be less about isolated courses and more about community integration. "I've joined courses solely for their community. Sometimes, insights from community members are more valuable than the course itself." On, learning becomes a collective journey, fostering shared growth, insights, and lively discussions.

Reviews: Authenticity and Trust

Navigating online courses can be daunting, but James believes reviews are the compass. "Choosing a course is like selecting a restaurant based on its reviews." allows students to review their teachers, providing a genuine snapshot of prior learners' experiences. "In the sea of available courses, reviews are beacons of quality, guiding students toward genuine value and mutual growth."

A founder quote is a beacon in the e-learning space, simplifying access to impactful knowledge. As James sums it up, “E-learning is the future. Platforms like allow you to learn from those who've been there and done that." It might just be the time to transform your passion into a purposeful course on

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