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Tramshed Tech - The Home Of Start Ups In Wales

What the Company Does?

Tramshed's core offering centres around three key pillars; spaces, business support services and skills programmes. The atmosphere is a busy one. Lots of conversations going on in many different spaces. There are three meeting rooms and a variety of sofas for meetings or informal chats.

The Current Landscape

90% of startups fail but Wales is currently outperforming the rest of the UK in regard to new business starts by 30%. According to Beauhurst, Wales is currently home to almost 138,000 companies, 1215 have been identified as high growth, innovative businesses. Despite the potential, some of it remains untapped: Wales is home to 3.5% of the UK’s high-growth companies but only received 2.5% of the UK’s equity investment deals. External investment, in particular, equity investment is an important catalyst to growth.

Company Birth Story

In 2015, Louise Harris, Co-Founder and CEO at Tramshed Tech identified a need for collaborative spaces tailored to support tech, digital and creative businesses in Wales. Tramshed Tech was founded in 2016 with a mission to bring this demographic together to meet, collaborate, innovate and grow. Today, Tramshed Tech is far more than just a space to work, it has a range of business support programmes and skills training to include an award-winning Startup Academy and a network of strategic partners across the UK and Europe.

The Solution

90% of startups fail, scaling businesses struggle to accelerate growth and larger businesses can find it difficult to be agile and innovate. Tramshed Tech is on a mission to increase the success rate of startups, accelerate the growth of scaling ventures and promote agility and innovation within larger scale organisations.

How? Tramshed Tech is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, scaling businesses, corporates, government organisations and educational institutions designed to support tech, digital and creative industries. We provide a platform for growth and support at each and every stage in the journey whether you are a student looking to commercialise an idea, a startup trying to scale, a scale-up working on accelerating growth or a larger scale organisation looking to improve agility and innovation - Tramshed Tech have got you covered.

Many of our competitors offer aspects to our business model for example a co-working space or business incubator but we are unique in the breadth of support that we offer under one roof tailored to support tech, digital and creative industries specifically.

Our vision is to create an interconnected network of entrepreneurs, scaling businesses, educational institutions, government organisations and strategic partners from around the world to collaborate, innovate and grow.

A Customer Story

Marco Oliver, Configur: "Tramshed Tech Tech offers a flexible and supportive environment for growing businesses. We couldn't have based Configur at a better location or with a better group of people"

Aled Nelmes Lumen SEO: "I’ve grown my business from 1 to 5 people at Tramshed Tech Tech and their team find a way to support me and my team every single day. I've never experienced that anywhere else. Put simply I owe a large part of our success to Tramshed Tech Tech."

The Team Culture

The business is made up of 5 departments; Community, Communications, Enterprise & Innovation, Skills and Technology and our leadership team is predominantly female.

Values that bring us together as a team are community, collaboration, trust, innovation and growth. Due to the breadth of our offering, we are a varied bunch with a far reaching spectrum of skills - from Gwenno, Head of Community who could turn into Tina Turner if you hand her a microphone to Sam, Web Developer who can work miracles when it comes to code.

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