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Track Pharma Congress Easily

What Ferma does

Ferma.AI implements Artificial Intelligence, a proprietary Knowledge Graph of healthcare data and lifescience knowledge from healthcare specialists to solve complex problems for pharmaceutical organizations.

Ferma currently offers 3 products -

1. Ferma Congress

2. Ferma Social

3. FermaGPT

Ferma's Current Landscape

Pharma organizations have traditionally covered conferences (including abstracts, posters, presentations, etc.) using internal in- person attendees. Details collected by this manual coverage are then summarized into reports and shared with key stakeholders.

However, as conferences have grown in size, complexity, and number, the traditional approach becomes increasingly inefficient and expensive - both to determine which sessions to attend, and then to actually cover them in-person.

This is where Ferma Congress comes in. It can determine the sessions that would be of priority to the client, and then capture content for those sessions and generate detailed competitive intelligence relevant to the client.

Company Birth Story

Ferma’s origins can be traced back to a project to build a Google-like search engine for healthcare professionals, with a hyper focus on lifesciences, using the most advanced tech available. Tt has grown into the Ferma.AI of today, with products across Conference Coverage (Ferma Congress), Social Listening (Ferma Social) and the original idea of a Seach Engine for HCPs (FermaGPT)

The Solution

Ferma.AI helps a client plan their coverage, consolidate intelligence, and generate insights from life science conferences, at scale and at high velocity.

Ferma Congress provides comprehensive conference coverage through an interactive portal that includes -

● A prioritized conference planner, specific to each client team participating in the conference

● Presentation content (slides or posters) accessible within 6 hours of session taking place

● Audio transcripts of high priority sessions

● Real-time Social media updates for each session

Additionally, Ferma’s life science experts help generate pre- conference reports, daily highlight reports & post-conference reports that are tailored to the client individual priorities.

Ferma Congress’s ability to create a prioritized planner within 24 hrs of abstract release is a key differentiator. Also, no other competitor offers a conference coverage + social media integrative platform.

A Customer Story

Pfizer Inc. initiated a double-blind study to discern whether the Ferma.AI platform could improve implementation of CI monitoring at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2020 annual meeting. ASH is an international, large and complex annual meeting focused on hematologic malignancies. ASH 2020, included reports on over 4,000 abstracts, nearly 1,500 oral sessions, over 2,700 poster sessions and 6 late-breaker sessions.

Pfizer Oncology deployed 2 teams for ASH 2020 coverage - Team A utilized a traditional non-AI driven approach and Team B used Ferma.AI for an AI-driven approach.

The study concluded that the AI-driven approach resulted in 72% reduction in man-hours for data collection and analysis, thus enabling significantly more time for tasks which need human- intelligence, like report creation. It also resulted in 40% reduction in conference-coverage costs.

The study was presented as a posted by Pfizer at ISMPP2021 (link to poster)

The Team Culture

The Ferma team is a diverse group of software developers, lifescience specialists, product managers and marketing and sales professionals, based out of India and the United States. Its a very close-knit team who has driven Ferma’s growth from its origin to the current stage, and remains committed to create AI-driven solutions for pharmaceutical organizations.

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