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The Top Startups of 2022

We’re super excited to launch our list of the top startups of 2022. Looking for the companies changing the world? Check out these amazing startups:

Magic Copy is a best in class AI copywriting tool that offers unlimited content creation for the most competitive price. Working with some of the most successful companies, Magic Copy gives businesses owners, SEO and marketing agencies and marketing professionals the ability to 10x their content creation. Magic Copy allows users to create blog articles, emails, ad copy, stories, product descriptions and more with the click of the button.

With better than human level writing for an unbeatable price, magic copy revolutionizes the way content is made, helping individuals do the work that used to take teams, and helps businesses become more productive and efficient. offers a free trial so try it out yourself!

401(play) enables companies to offer travel as a benefit. Their tool is an online social platform to plan, save, budget and book travel at a discount.

Employees contribute through convenient payroll deductions into their Vacation Funding Account (VFA). They are issued a 401(play) debit card through MasterCard. In addition, employers can choose to also contribute into employee’s accounts. Currently, clients use 401(play) as their rewards and recognition program in ways that make sense for their population. What a great message for new employees, “we are so excited for you to work with us, we’ll help pay for your next vacation!”.

The Great Resignation has left employers struggling to attract and retain top talent. Lower retention means lower engagement which causes lower productivity. Employees are suffering from feelings of burnout and lack of appreciation while not getting to reap all the benefits from the Paid Time Off (PTO) programs that employers provide.

The pent-up demand for travel is through the roof due to Covid-19, creating the perfect storm for a solution like 401(play). In today’s “war on talent”, organizations are looking for innovative ways to demonstrate they care about their employee’s well being. 401(play) is the solution to help organizations differentiate themselves.

Adaptic Health offers a software as a service (SaaS) platform that streamlines the clinical development process for cancer and rare disease treatments. The platform enables faster collaboration, dynamic literature review, and what-if analysis, which can reduce the time required for clinical trial design by up to six months and save up to $5 million in costs. This can also result in a potential commercial benefit up to $50 million.

Standing at the forefront of the digitization revolution in the Enterprise content management (ECM) sector, Papertrail provides the ideal solutions for any business looking to leapfrog their competitors and establish their business as an innovative leader in the marketplace.

Papertrail avoids rigid outcomes and shrink-wrapped solutions that force companies to adapt their winning business model to the constraints of their software. Rather, they encourage customers to make use of the full spectrum of their expertise and flexibility of PaperTrail to create an effective content management solution that drives performance. They automate business processes allowing companies to focus on growth while reaching and expanding KPIs.

Comprising of an enhanced user experience and powerful workflow engine to drive business processes, mobility, intuitive design, and collaborative and secure nature, it is fast becoming the fully- customizable solution of choice for companies worldwide.

Picnic continuously and automatically detects, prevents, and protects against social engineering risk. Our platform emulates attacker reconnaissance on the public data footprint of your organization and its people, automatically surfaces the pathways to compromise and probable human targets exposed by digital footprints, and provides users with the capability to preemptively neutralize vulnerabilities to prevent attacks.

The impact of minimizing an organization's human attack surface is a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents. Security teams can make better use of their SOC analyst resources to respond more effectively to fewer problems.

Picnic is the first company to come upstream of the social engineering problem to tackle the root cause: the growing data footprint about each person online that hackers use to target and compromise their work and personal identities.

There has (until now) been no enterprise platform that gives users full visibility of the human attack surface beyond their firewall along with the capabilities to neutralize vulnerabilities. In contrast to traditional awareness training, employees using our platform can see the very real and specific risks that their exposed information poses to them personally and remediate them.

BuildArray offers the next generation of compliant and sustainable digital offline/online forms and automation. A drag and drop low-code/no code platform, it's easy to use and quick to deploy, allowing individuals or business owners to power their business or project with digital forms, providing structured data and reporting. BuildArray features conditional logic workflows and document generation for global customers of any size across multiple industries. Features include instant multilingual translation, geotagged photos, live video collaboration between parties, a multi-party chat function, and e-signature. An open API makes integrations easy. Multiple stakeholders can easily digitize and automate processes.

BuildArray leads the way by offering low-code/no-code solutions for customers before problems affect them. Data is the future and BuildArray is this platform, known for its collection, automation and security. BuildArray's mission is to kill the fillable PDF and save the trees, while helping organizations achieve their ESG initiatives.

Mickey is a commoditech company that brings physical commodity trading online and allows suppliers and traders around the world to transact openly. Mickey has built a digital platform that modernizes the complete commodity transaction -- from sourcing and shipping to invoicing and payments -- providing a marketplace that's fast and easy for global buyers to purchase, track, and acquire the commodities they need.

In 2020, the U.S. imported $2.4 trillion in consumer goods, while only exporting $1.4 trillion. That created a $915.8 billion deficit and is the highest goods deficit on record. In the U.S, many cargo vessels leave the country’s ports with thousands of empty shipping containers. Since its launch in 2019, Mickey has shipped more than 3,300 shipping containers overseas that would have returned to their original ports empty – helping to help boost American exports while incrementally creating new employment opportunities across a wide range of commodity markets.

In today’s global supply marketplace, there is no easy way for an independent lumber producer in America to reach a buyer in Asia. Through its global B2B marketplace, Mickey is solving the matching, transacting, and exporting for raw materials and other highly sought-after commodities for US businesses.

Dow Janes is a women-owned, women-led financial education company. Through interactive videos, courses, and coaching - their program The Million Dollar Year - teaches women+ how to heal their relationships with money, pay off debt, build savings, and invest for the future. They’ve helped their members pay off nearly $1M in debt collectively, and invest over $500K.

Money is the number one cause of stress for women. By helping women+ create strong financial foundations, Dow Jones eliminates that stress, allowing women to focus on bigger things - like living their purpose, fulfilling their dreams, and making the world a better place. They also know that women+ with money have more choices and louder voices, and that with money, women invest in their communities and in causes they care about, so getting more money in the hands of more money creates a better future for us all.

2nd Vault is a user experience that helps bring calm to chaos by providing a digital roadmap bringing you and those closest to you safety and security. 2nd Vault's goal is to simplify and enhance the cloud-based solutions already available and part of daily life for so many of us. Google Drive, DropBox, and FinTech are all missing guidance and advice on which important documents to store and an easy way to get started. 2nd Vault is a simple overlay, used with your trusted cloud storage that you're already comfortable using.

2nd vault believe this can change the world by providing users peace of mind and opening up the dialogue with their loved ones that they nominate as their confidant (the person whom they authorized access to their memoir under strict security guidelines) once they are no longer available. The end-of-life conversation is one that people typically avoid having as no one wants to face that it is a matter of “when” and not “if.” The nomination of a confidant sends an alert that will open up the conversation of how the user is displaying an act of love and care to the person closest to them. It is a gentle approach to the commonly avoided death discussion.

Breakout is an audio social network for people who want high-quality, verified content that can be created and heard easily and is free from big-tech censorship. Breakout users can easily make money from their non-personal data while using the app.

Breakout differentiates itself by:

- No Censorship. And no Social Media “Jail.”

- Users own their data and they can sell it through DataVault.

- Breakout's Influencer Marketplace connects you with brands & potential sponsors.

Bostoncoin is the world's first diversified crypto mutual fund, making investment safe and simple for everyone. Think of it like "Vanguard for Crypto". They do crypto research and manage the fund, giving you free time to manage your lifestyle.

Bostoncoin is the world's first diversified crypto mutual fund, and the first crypto fund to list on Morningstar. Bostoncoin has an unbeatable track record of outperforming Bitcoin since 2016, even through the pandemic and recent market crashes. The average investor return over the last three years is 310%

The unique TDCR platform will go live in January 2023, offering a global ecosystem of technology that connects a number of Regional Reserves under a strategic Global Aggregator with proven global security, regulatory, sales, service, and administration systems.

Consumers can open accounts, make online and mobile payments, and distribute funds to other TDCR members via the TDCR mobile app on the hybrid network.

TDCR's global payment rail and administration platform allows digital and cryptocurrency payments and is built on current, tried-and-true fintech.

The TDCR concept is unique in that it can manage up to 500,000 transactions per second yet still manage true low latency, low cost and high security.

The fast and easy way to record all your horse information. Everything you need to record performance, veterinary, farrier, feeding, dentistry, chiropractic, serving, foaling dates, pedigree, progeny and much more!

Usable for any discipline from racing to dressage to eventing and campdrafting. HorseRecords is customisable to how YOU want to record your horse information.

There are over 1.5 million horses, over 400,000 horse owners and over 5,000 horse businesses in Australia including breeders, trainers, agisters and re-homers.

Until now, none of them have a single place to store all the horse information that they can share with those that need it most: Vets, farriers and, most importantly, buyers.

Most competitors are vertical market products such as Vet software or software for horse Trainers. This software tends to be out of reach financially for most horse owners.

With 2 horses for free, and plans starting at $12 a month, HorseRecords is affordable to all.

Plan A Technologies is an award-winning software development and digital transformation company. They create new custom software solutions and fix complex software failures for companies and nonprofit organizations around the world. They have experience working with both startups and Fortune 500 companies across several different industries. With a team of hundreds of people helping companies create new cutting-edge platforms from scratch, they're proud of helping organizations when they face critical technical crises that threaten to bring down the entire enterprise.

Plan A was founded by software entrepreneurs who built and sold several multimillion-dollar startups. "During those startup days, we had a vision of the software development company we yearned for… but we could never find!" says CEO Slav Kulik. "It dawned on us we would have to create it ourselves. Our expertise goes beyond software. From building businesses, we can not only answer a company’s questions, but offer questions they should ask. That said, I never forget I started as a programmer: I even still code when my schedule permits." With the result that when Plan A takes on a project, they can anticipate potential problems and offer benefits a company may not have known were even possible.

Chakra Wonders is an organization raising funds to build a naturopathic and holistic resort. They do this by providing products and accessories to those interested in astrology, metaphysics and various self-healing practices. Chakra Wonders' vision is to build a spa-like resort that houses all aspects of natural and holistic medicines, spiritual and mental services, as well as a diverse range of physical healings catered to you and your specific needs as they pertain to your birth/star chart and human design pattern. Their desire is to raise the energetic vibration of others by helping them to realize their own inner light.

Chakra Wonders spa-like resort for natural, holistic, spiritual, mental, and physical services and healings will be catered to an individual’s birth/star chart and human design pattern. This differs from competitors in affordability, access to the general public and custom treatments/ packages for all guests. The spa/resort will also be open to those who just want to experience only one treatment or service. The Chakra Wonders spa/resort will provide tools, resources, and knowledge needed for an individual to make positive change in their life whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or all of the above while in a calming environment.

Hackett Brand Consulting are a marketing collective that provide branding, digital and small business marketing support to solopreneurs, start-ups, challenger and emerging brands.

With a heart-centered approach to making a positive impact on the world around us, Hackett are focused on helping purpose-driven brands grow. Many solopreneurs, small businesses and challenger brands don't have the traditional resources to grow with marketing the way large organizations do and we're helping to break down that barrier.

Everheal provides a guided 90-day wellness program to help autoimmune sufferers transform their health by adopting an anti-inflammatory diet to overcome symptoms of brain fog and chronic fatigue.

Their mission is to educate, encourage and empower people to take back control of their health, so they can get the most out of life. In a supported environment, they learn the critical links between diet and autoimmunity, then take the necessary steps to transform their “bad habits” into healthy daily habits for improved health, both now and well into the future!

Growing and scaling a business can be extremely time-consuming, costly, and risky. Plus, finding the right talent to help you grow is easier said than done. Not only does hiring employees produce a huge expense for your business, but finding the right candidate and vetting applicants can be time-consuming. The good news is there are companies that offer reliable and affordable virtual assistant services so you’re not alone in your journey of scaling your business.

They can not only invest the time in recruiting professionals with lots of expertise, but help you outsource in order to reduce business expenses. One such company is Virtudesk. Virtudesk offers highly-trained virtual assistants from the Philippines to clients in the United States and Canada. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs optimize systems and processes, learn how to delegate responsibilities, and focus on revenue-earning activities.

That's our list of the best startups of 2022. Keep your eye out for upcoming features!


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