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The Ticketing Startup That’s Changing the Industry

What TicketsCandy does

TicketsCandy is a B2B and B2C startup that offers event organizers a space to distribute tickets at no cost to them and a very nominal cost to attendees.

The TicketsCandy Landscape

Ticketmaster is the leading player in the ticketing industry, and it has faced continued backlash over its exorbitant fees that can sometimes cost more than the original ticket price. Though Ticketmaster is the leading player in the industry, it has been facing constant public and performer backlash as well as several lawsuits pertaining to its practices regarding fees.

Other ticketing services like TicketingHub are dim on the radar, and because they don’t offer no-fee listings, they aren’t quite competitors. Though the companies share the same space, their models divide them, and with TicketsCandy taking a unique approach, it tends to stand on its own.

Company Birth Story

TicketsCandy was started when Dmitry Yarchuk–an avid technology enthusiast–noticed the industry's significant shortcomings and traditional approach. He realized that there was a need for a modern, innovative solution to sell tickets to events that could better serve event organizers and attendees alike. Driven by the desire to make a difference in the ticketing landscape, Dmitry founded TicketsCandy to revolutionize the way people experience and access events while helping event organizers grow their businesses. He hopes to reshape the ticketing landscape and create a more accessible and sustainable future for the world of events.

The Solution

TicketsCandy is building a platform that’s friendly to both event organizers and event attendees. Its service is free for businesses, allowing them to hold 100% of their profits. This contrasts the current model, which has resulted in distrust and disdain between ticket providers and both B2B and B2C clients. TicketsCandy fosters positive relationships through a model that doesn’t revolve around backend fees.

Since launching, TicketsCandy has worked with more than 30,000 organizers to sell more than 17 million tickets across seven countries.

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