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The startup on a mission to bring plants back to the forefront of plant-based products

What THEO’s Plant-Based does

THEO’s Plant-Based recently launched with the first organic vegetable-based jerky on the market called BEET Jerky, a first-of-its-kind product with three delicious flavors: Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Sesame-Ginger Teriyaki, and Savory BBQ. BEET Jerky offers a Certified Organic, minimally processed, gluten- free, Paleo, vegan, whole vegetable, and nutrient-rich snack.

THEO’s Plant-Based Current Landscape

In 2022, the global plant-based market was valued at $7.9 billion, as plant-based food products are gaining widespread popularity and the trend continues to grow. With this trend comes many companies trying to capture consumer interest and dollars, and unfortunately, that comes at the expense of consumers’ health. What used to be considered niche and consumed almost exclusively by those who identify as vegans, plant-based products have become coveted in mainstream culture globally. However, the plant-based space has been polluted by hyper-processed options that have been manipulated so far from being real plants.

THEO’s Plant-Based is focused on putting plant-powered nutrition back to the forefront of plant-based products by creating Certified Organic, better-for-you plant-based products that deliver on both flavor and nutrition. There are only a handful of competitors who share THEO’s mission and commitment to helping create genuinely healthy plant-based products that are better for the health of both consumers and the planet.

Company Birth Story

THEO’s was created by Co-Founders Theo Mourad and Aaron Brodkey, childhood friends whose paths continued to cross into adulthood through their shared passion for plant-based food. Mourad brings 10 years of experience in the food industry, having most recently worked in the kitchen of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the world-renowned two-starred Michelin restaurant in New York’s Hudson Valley. Throughout his tenure in the industry as a cook, farmhand, volunteer, and student, he became fascinated in the relationship between farming, cooking, and food. It was during that time that he concepted the idea for THEO’s Plant-Based. Brodkey, who holds a degree in sustainable food systems, has worked in the plant-based food space for nearly five years, most recently serving as Program Manager at Big Idea Ventures, the most active alternative protein VC and accelerator. In 2022, Theo and Aaron officially teamed up to bring THEO’s Plant-Based to the market.

The Solution

People are being misled by all of the greenwashing and the marketing that if something doesn’t have animal products in it then it’s automatically healthy and “sustainable.” But should a product that doesn’t contain animal products be allowed to be called plant-based if it’s full of ingredients that aren’t really plants? The Co-Founders of THEO’s Plant-Based think not. THEO’s is on a mission to lead the world into a more flavorful, healthy, sustainable, and just food system by honoring vegetables for what they already are – tasty, nutritious, and planet-friendly.

While early innovators made significant strides in shifting the global narrative around plant-based products, there is still a gaping hole in the industry – health and nutrition. Nutritional value, or lack thereof, is a key factor that is not being widely discussed as it relates to plant-based products. Many brands have managed to effectively capture consumers outside of the traditional vegan community and have thus helped spread more awareness about sustainability and the benefits of a plant-powered diet, but they have not been able to deliver products that are genuinely healthy. And that’s where newer innovators like THEO’s Plant-Based come in. Co-Founder Theo Mourad is committed to helping people eat "real food” and feels strongly that consumers should not have to choose between cooking vegetables at home and picking processed foods — there needs to be a middle ground and that’s where there are still so few brands that are offering genuinely simple and nutritious plant-based options.

THEO’s is taking every measure possible to be socially and sustainably conscious. Their supply chain is organic and regenerative, their packaging is compostable, and the product is upcycled and zero-waste. Most beet processing only uses 50-70% of the beet, but they are proud to be using 96% of the plant and they produce it in a way that maintains all of the nutritional integrity of the raw beet via low temperature drying. THEO's additionally produces locally and donates “1% for the planet” to local Chicago urban farms and food nonprofits to aid access to nutritious foods.

After having been selected by Whole Foods Market to participate in their coveted accelerator program as the only Midwestern brand within its cohort (publicly announced by Whole Foods in Summer 2022), the chef-driven brand recently launched in 28 Whole Foods Market locations throughout Illinois in Q1 of 2023 and will soon expand to 72 total stores throughout the Midwest by May 2023. THEO’s Plant-Based is also currently available to purchase at and has recently become available to shop on Amazon as well as other select e- commerce food platforms.

A founder quote

"I like to say that you can’t ‘greenwash' our product and brand because it’s genuinely green. You can call our business 'plant-based' but I truly see us more in the business of getting folks more real food options — organic food that comes from the earth that was grown with care. We go as far to say that if people can buy organic vegetables and cook them at home for themselves, that’s our number one wish. And we are making the beet, one of the most nutritious foods that exists, more convenient to eat (though I'd still rather people buy the beets locally and cook them at home!)." – Theo Mourad, Co-Founder, THEO’s Plant-Based.

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